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Mayan Galactic Tone 10: Lahun – Manifestation

Mayan Galactic Tone 10

The sign of the Mayan galactic tone 10 is called Manifestation. It is known as the “planetary tone”. It is also the tone of Manifestation and Perfection.

Mayan Name: Lahun

Maya Day Number: Ten – Planetary

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Manifestation

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should focus on are leadership, creation, foundation, focus, patience, and persistence.


Mayan Galactic Tone 10

Position In Mayan Numerology

The tenth sign of the Mayan galactic tones is called Manifestation.

It brings the energy of leadership and creativity. The foundation is creativity that is brought to humanity through great leadership and vision.


Mayan Galactic Tone 10

Positive Traits

People born under the Maya Day number manifestation like to create something new for the world to see. They can take whatever resources they have and make something that others will admire and value.


They must have a strong foundation to bring forth their creations or they will lose interest and focus and feel creatively blocked. Once a solid foundation is there, there is very little that will keep them from seeing their vision come to reality.

The Mayan Galactic Tone 10 is very creative and will be innovative with new forms of artistic expression that others will want to emulate. When they are focused and driven they can bring forth whatever they need to make their vision a reality.


They are natural leaders who work hard to pioneer art they are passionate about. They have a lot of energy and self-determination to manifest their dreams. They are not easily led astray by obstacles and have a strong will to accomplish their goals no matter what. They may be interested in politics or any kind of career that allows them to lead.

They are very independent and trust their mind and intuition when it comes to handling their life. They would excel the most if they were self-employed. They are not good at taking orders and have a hard time in teams.

Even when they aren’t really in charge others may treat them like they are due to their aggressive nature. This may make those who are sensitive feel self-conscious. They may have a hard time in personal relationships because of their constant need for control.

Mayan Galactic Tone 10

Negative Traits

The Maya Day number 10 is their own worst critic. They can also be very critical of others. They have no patience for laziness from themselves or other people. This could make others stay away from them for fear of being criticized. Because they are natural leaders, they can be their own worst enemies as they will have no one willing to follow them if their critical side becomes too overbearing.

Even though they are usually responsible, when their negative side comes out they have a problem with getting into too much debt. Their ambition to succeed leads them to getting there by any means necessary including racking up a lot of personal debts. They have to balance their desire to succeed with practical ways to get what they want.

When the Mayan galactic tone 10 people are too focused on the goals they want to accomplish they can become demanding and overly aggressive. They have a hard time playing second place to anybody so they do things to make sure they are always in charge.

If things don’t go the way they expected they can become depressed and irritable. They like being thought of as always being in charge so if they need help they’ll be hesitant to ask others for it.

Lahun / Manifestation Days

The Mayan galactic number ten days is good to meditate on ways you can take charge in creating something that can benefit everybody. Think of things that would give you a solid foundation to last for generations to come.

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