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9 Fantastic Feng Shui Tips For Weight Loss

Effective Feng Shui For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a frustrating process involving lifestyle changes, such as a change in diet and exercise. Change of environment is not usually something that crosses people’s minds on their weight loss journey. Changing up the atmosphere, though, can help out in your weight loss goals. Here are nine tips you can easily use in Feng Shui for your weight loss plan.


After all, if you leave a box of donuts on the counter every day, you will see those and want to eat them instead of that healthy breakfast you were planning. An ancient Chinese principle examines how the environment affects us all.

It is called Feng Shui (pronounced fungshway), and it is the practice of arranging your environments, such as your home or office, so energy (also called “chi”) can flow gently.

How To Use Feng Shui To Lose Weight?

#1. In the kitchen

The kitchen is where you do all your cooking and where all the food is. Make sure the kitchen is clean and free of clutter. A cluttered kitchen can be draining of energy and can be overwhelming to be in.


When you have a messy kitchen, it is often harder to find the things you need to cook with, and it cannot be enjoyable when you have to move around while preparing a meal. You can clean up the counters, drawers, cabinets, and sinks to make it easier to navigate and get rid of the things you don’t need. This includes cleaning the fridge.

You can get rid of old food that has gone bad and the food you know isn’t good for you. Having awful food around will always be tempting and makes it much easier to give in to temptation. If you don’t have the food, staying on track will be much easier.


#2. Easy Feng Shui Tips For Your Closets

Wherever you keep your clothes, you should also clean out, whether it’s a dresser, a closet, or both. Many people have clothes that are too big in case they gain weight again or clothes that are too small for losing weight.

This symbolizes holding on to old behavior patterns. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good this time, you must change your old habits, including getting rid of those clothes.

Chances are when you lose weight, you will want brand new clothes to match how you feel, not outdated clothes you have kept in your closets for all these years. So go ahead and get rid of those clothes. It will give you the motivation to keep going to buy new clothes later!


#3. Feng Shui Your Weight Loss With the Color Blue

Blue is the color of the Water Element, and it has been shown to slow down the body. It slows down your body’s blood pressure and pulse rate. This can help you slow down your eating, stick to a diet, and feel more relaxed.

When you eat slower, you can better feel when your body is full, avoiding overeating. Try getting blue plates or bowls, and then put smaller portions than you would typically eat on the blue plate. You might notice you feel full and satisfied!

#4. Lose Weight With Exercise

If you have exercise equipment at home, you should make it as accessible as possible. So, you have your workout room in the basement, but if the basement is cold or stinky, you won’t want to use it.

If you have the workout equipment in a warmer place that smells better, you will be more excited to use it. If you have the equipment, exercise DVDs, or programs that you tried before but didn’t like or felt didn’t work for you, you should get rid of them.

Holding on to those things will only make you think of failure, and you can become easily discouraged from exercising. You can sell those somewhere, donate them, and then invest in something you will use or follow. If you need to join a gym or get a personal trainer to keep you motivated, you should do that instead of spending more money on DVDs or equipment.

#5. The setting of your home

The view of your home is essential when it comes to losing weight. If you get home from a tough day at work and you can see the refrigerator as you walk through your front door, you are more likely to go and stress-eat.

Eating, even when you aren’t hungry, can be tempting when you see the kitchen. Try closing the kitchen door if you have one so you can’t see into the kitchen. If there isn’t a door you can close, try putting something in the way of you seeing into the kitchen.

Some people put up a cloth entry hanging. You can also try putting a piece of art near the doorway or a mirror so it distracts your eye so you aren’t looking directly into the kitchen.

#6. Decorate your dining table

First, eat at an actual table instead of eating on the couch while watching TV. If you eat while watching TV, you can succumb to mindless eating and quickly overheat or realize you didn’t even get to enjoy the flavor of the meal in front of you.

Then, decorate the table you will be eating at. Eating your meal at a pretty table isn’t just for when you go to a nice restaurant; you can also enjoy that at your home! Put some candles on the table while you eat or have some lovely flowers as the centerpiece.

#7. Try not to use the color red

Red stimulates appetite, so you should avoid having red plates or napkins. As mentioned earlier, blue is an excellent option to have as a color to help promote weight loss. Other good color options for table décor are black and floral patterns.

#8. Hang more mirrors up around the house

You should have at least one full-length mirror somewhere in your house. This way, you can see your weight loss and how far you have come. Also, seeing your reflection helps give you a reality check.

If you are about to go into the junk food drawer when you know it isn’t your cheat day and see your reflection before going through with it, you are less likely to take it from the junk food drawer. Also, avoid any distorted mirrors or mirrors that break up an image, such as a mirror mosaic. These can give you a distorted or fragmented view of yourself, which isn’t good for your self-image.

#9. Smells which influence Feng shui for weight loss

We all have comfort foods, foods we eat when we are sad or upset or missing home. When you crave food, you are looking for not just the taste of that food, but you are longing for the feeling you had when you were eating that food. Smell has a big part in eating.

If you can fill your home with a scent you love, that will make you feel more comfortable more often. If you can add something that makes you feel comfy, like a blanket or a pillow or soothing music with that smell, it will give you the same feeling you would get when comfort food.

As you can see, the arrangement of the items in your home can significantly impact your weight loss journey. Changing your home atmosphere is an inexpensive way to help you lose weight. By incorporating Feng Shui, you can dramatically increase the chances of your success.

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