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February 17 Famous Birthdays

February 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 17 are wildly different from the rest of the Aquarians. They are typically as not as open as people would like them to be.

If you share the famous birthdays celebrated on February 17, you are a judicious person and pretty much, down to earth. Those of you born today have the drive to succeed and likely surround yourself with those that have personal accountants. Get his or her name as you will need one to help you stay on top of your finances.


Famous people born on February 17 value their privacy. So when someone tries to invade it, they could become hostile and for that, they may off as being eccentric.

Additionally, they may not befriend many people. The alliances they have seem to be one sided; at least that’s what their friends say. It may be best that they find someone who is their equal when looking for love fo good understanding.


Underneath that hard shell, is a person that is deeply concerned about the world and the conditions in which people live.

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 17th are likely to be private Aquarius who can be rude, rebellious or just unstable. The famous birthdays horoscope for February 17 shows that they are slow to make friends and value their freedom. Overall, they are do-gooders who are honest and innovative. They love change as thye have a unique way of thinking.


February 17th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17th February Good Traits:

  • Extrovert
  • Humanitarian
  • Honest
  • Compassionate

17th February Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Rebellious
  • Hurtful
  • Angry
  • Proud

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February 17th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Montgomery Ward, 1843, Entrepreneur
Aaron Scott, 1988, Pop Singer
Ab Devilliers, 1984, Cricket Player
Aden Tan, 1992, TV Actor
Adil Rashid, 1988, Cricket Player
Adriano Leite Ribeiro, 1982, Soccer Player
Ahna O’Reilly, 1985, Movie Actress
Aidan Alexander, 2000, YouTube Star
AJ Perez, 1993, TV Actor
Al Harrington, 1980, Basketball Player
Alan Bates, 1934, Movie Actor
Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1929, Director
Alex Frost, 1987, Movie Actor
Alex Vargas, 1988, Pop Singer

Alexsandra Wright, 1971, TV Actress
Alice Ustinova, 1992, Makeup Artist
Allen Sarinana, 1995, YouNow Star
Almira Skripchenko, 1976, Chess Player
Amy Rodriguez, 1987, Soccer Player
Ana Victorino, 1993, YouTube Star
Andre Norton, 1912, Novelist
Angie Miller, 1994, Rock Singer
AniaMags, 1998, YouTube Star
Anne Curtis, 1985, Movie Actress
Annie Glenn, 1920, Family Member
Antonio Ramos, 1986, Vine Star
Arcangelo Corelli, 1653, Composer
Arin Ilejay, 1988, Drummer
Arthur Hunnicutt, 1910, Movie Actor
Arthur Kennedy, 1914, Stage Actor
Ashton Holmes, 1978, TV Actor
Banjo Paterson, 1864, Poet
february-17-famous-birthdaysBarry Humphries, 1934, Voice Actor
Baylor Barnes, 1997, Vine Star
Bear McCreary, 1979, Composer
Becky Nicholson, 1982, Family Member
Belmiro De Azevedo, 1938, Entrepreneur
Benjamin Norris, 1980, Reality Star
Benjamin Whitrow, 1937, TV Actor
Bernard McNally, 1963, Soccer Player
Billie Joe Armstrong, 1972, Guitarist
Bonnie Wright, 1991, Movie Actress
Brad McDonald, 1990, Soccer Player
Brenda Fricker, 1945, Movie Actress
Bret Kern, 1986, Football Player
Brett Goodes, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Brian Houston, 1954, Religious Leader

Brooke D’Orsay, 1982, TV Actress
Brooke Hubbard, 1982, Model
Bryan Cox, 1968, Football Player
Bryan White, 1974, Country Singer
Buck Trent, 1938, Country Singer
Buddy Ryan, 1931, Football Coach
Buster Olney, 1964, Sportscaster
Caedxa, 1999, Comedian
Carole Davis, 1958, Movie Actress
Case Keenum, 1988, Football Player
Chabelo, 1935, TV Show Host
Chaim Potok, 1929, Novelist
Chante Moore, 1967, R&B Singer
Charley Pell, 1941, Football Coach
Chord Overstreet, 1989, TV Actor
Chris Champion, 1961, Wrestler
Chris Newman, 1940, Sound Designer
Chris Wills, 1978

Christina Pickles, 1935, TV Actress
Claire Malis, 1943, TV Actress
Collin MacKechnie, 1997, Movie Actor
Conrad Ricamora, 1979, TV Actor
Dalila Ortiz, 1988, Reality Star
Daniel Merriweather, 1982, R&B Singer
Daphne Oz, 1986, TV Show Host
Darren Pang, 1964, Sportscaster
Dave Courtney, 1959, Criminal
David F. Houston, 1866, Politician
Dawn Padmore, 1967, Opera Singer
Dayton Moore, 1967, Sports Executive
Dean Gibbons, 1994, Pop Singer
Dean Kemp, 1969, Australian Rules Footballer
Dean Wendt, 1968, Voice Actor
Denise Richards, 1971, Movie Actress
Dennis Green, 1949, Football Coach
Devin Logan, 1993, Skier
Dhivyadharshini, 1984, TV Show Host
Dieter Laser, 1942, Movie Actor
Dodie Stevens, 1946, Pop Singer
Dominic Purcell, 1970, TV Actor
Don Coscarelli, 1954, Screenwriter
Donald Brian, 1877, Stage Actor
Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1879, Novelist
Dottie Key, 1923, Baseball Player
Drew Miller, 1984, Hockey Player
Ed Sheeran, 1991, Pop Singer
Edin Visca, 1990, Soccer Player
Eduard Bornhohe, 1862, Novelist
Elhaida Dani, 1993, Pop Singer
Elin Kling, 1983, Fashion Designer
Eliran Atar, 1987, Soccer Player
Erin Cardillo, 1977, TV Actress
Evan Foley, 1986, Guitarist
Federica Falzon, 2003, Pop Singer
Francois Giradon, 1628, Sculptor
Fred Frith, 1949, Guitarist
Fukikoshi Mitsuru, 1965, Movie Actor
Garry Chalk, 1952, Voice Actor
Gene Pitney, 1940, Rock Singer
George Padilla, 1997, Musical.ly Star
Guy Shepherdson, 1982, Rugby Player
Hal Holbrook, 1925, TV Actor
Haley Rose, 1988, Pop Singer
Harry George Armstrong, 1899, Doctor
Hazlina Abdul Halim, 1985, TV Show Host
Hilda Hewlett, 1864, Pilot
Hillary Anne Harley, 1989, Movie Actress
Holly Sheeran, 1990, YouTube Star
Huey P Newton, 1942, Civil Rights Leader
Isabelle Eberhardt, 1877, Explorer
Isis Valverde, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Jackson Hurst, 1979, TV Actor
Jake Speer, 1992, Soap Opera Actor
James F. Hanley, 1892, Composer
James Laurenson, 1940, Movie Actor
Jason Anderson, 1993, Motorcycle Racer
Jason Ritter, 1980, TV Actor
Jen Taylor, 1973, Voice Actor
Jenn Aguirre, 1989, YouTube Star
Jennifer Stano, 1985, Instagram Star
Jeremy Edwards, 1971, TV Actor
Jeremy Slate, 1926, Movie Actor
Jeremy Stewart, 1989, Football Player
Jerry O’Connell, 1974, TV Actor
Jett Lucas, 1993, Family Member
Jim Brown, 1936, Football Player
Jim Jordan, 1964, Politician
Jinggoy Estrada, 1963, Politician
John Leyton, 1935, Pop Singer
Johnny Bush, 1935, Country Singer
Johnny May Cash, 1995, Rapper
Jon Randall, 1969, Country Singer
Jonathan Breck, 1965, Movie Actor
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 1981, Movie Actor
Josh Willingham, 1979, Baseball Player
Jovan Ducic, 1871, Poet
Jozef Murgas, 1864, Scientist
Judy Jiao, 1992, TV Actress
Julia McKenzie, 1941, Stage Actress
Julie Montagu, 1974, Reality Star
Karen O’Connor, 1958, Equestrian
Karin Buttner-Janz, 1952, Gymnast
Karrigan, 1990, Twitch Star
Karter Zaher, 1992, World Music Singer
Kathleen Freeman, 1919, TV Actress
Kathy Guccione, 1939, Family Member
Kelly Carlson, 1976, TV Actress
Kelly Sildaru, 2002, Skier
Kevin Rudolf, 1983, Pop Singer
Kristen Rodeheaver, 1994, Instagram Star
Kuda Bux, 1905, Magician
Laivan Greene, 1992, TV Actress
Larry Jennings, 1933, Magician
Larry the Cable Guy, 1963, Movie Actor
Leanne Brown, 1977, Reality Star
Lee Hoiby, 1926, Composer
Leila Mourad, 1918, Movie Actress
Loreena McKennitt, 1957, World Music Singer
Lou Diamond Phillips, 1962, Movie Actor
Louisa Lawson, 1848, Poet
Luc Robitaille, 1966, Hockey Player
Lynne Moody, 1950, TV Actress
Madison Keys, 1995, Tennis Player
Marc Lawrence, 1910, TV Actor
Marc Marquez, 1993, Motorcycle Racer
Marcin Gortat, 1984, Basketball Player
Marifer Urdapilleta, 1998, TV Actress
Marika Hackman, 1992, Folk Singer
Mark Shriver, 1964, Politician
Mary Ann Mobley, 1939, TV Actress
Mary Brian, 1906, Movie Actress
Mary Frances Berry, 1938, Novelist
Mason Cobb, 1990, eSports Player
Matija Barl, 1940, Movie Actor
Matt Wertz, 1979, Pop Singer
Matthew Miranda, 1998, Musical.ly Star
McKinsey Sherrill, 1998, Family Member
Meaghan Jette Martin, 1992, TV Actress
Michael Bay, 1965, Director
Michael Frolik, 1988, Hockey Player
Michael Jordan, 1963, Basketball Player
Mike Austin, 1910, Golfer
Mike Hammontree, 1998, Vine Star
Miriam Nervo, 1982, DJ
Mo Yan, 1955, Novelist
Mychal Jefferson, 1989, Twitch Star
MyNameIsBonez, 1997, YouTube Star
Natascha Kampusch, 1988, Memoirist
Nathan Cleverly, 1987, Boxer
Nevin Millan, 1979, Movie Actor
Nick Hewer, 1944, Reality Star
Nicolas Baudin, 1754, Explorer
Nicole Mitchell, 1967, Flute Player
Noah Kagan, 1982, Entrepreneur
Noble Watts, 1926, Saxophonist
Olivia Nervo, 1982, DJ
Outasight, 1983, Pop Singer
Paris Hilton, 1981, Reality Star
Patricia Routledge, 1929, TV Actress
Percival Ball, 1845, Sculptor
Pertti Karppinen, 1953, Rower
Peter Oldring, 1987, Voice Actor
Peter Robertson, 1976, Triathlete
Peyton Evans, 2009, Dancer
Phil Pressey, 1991, Basketball Player
Rachida Brakni, 1977, Model
Raffi Ahmad, 1987, TV Actor
Ralphie May, 1972, Comedian
Ramon Miller, 1987, Runner
Rebecca Adlington, 1989, Swimmer
Red Barber, 1908, Sportscaster
Rene Russo, 1954, Movie Actress
Rene Syler, 1963, TV Show Host
Renee Laennec, 1781, Doctor
Ricardo Rodriguez, 1986, Wrestler
Richard Karn, 1956, Voice Actor
Rick Majerus, 1948, Basketball Coach
Rickey Medlocke, 1950, Guitarist
Robert Himler, 1991, YouTube Star
Robert Neyland, 1892, Football Coach
Ronald Knox, 1888, Novelist
Rory Kinnear, 1978, TV Actor
Rowdy Gaines, 1959, Swimmer
Ruth Clifford, 1900, Movie Actress
Sam Oldham, 1993, Gymnast
Samuel Leijten, 1996, Pop Singer
Sarah Barthel, 1983, Pop Singer
Sasha Pieterse, 1996, TV Actress
Scott Waites, 1977, Darts Player
Sheyann Webb, 1956, Activist
Simon Miller, 1984, Journalist
Sivakarthikeyan, 1985, Movie Actor
Sofia Barbosa, 2000, YouTube Star
Songul Oden, 1981, TV Actress
Sonya Cortes, 1960, TV Show Host
Stacey McClean, 1989, Pop Singer
Tasha Farsaci, 1997, YouTube Star
Taylor Hawkins, 1972, Drummer
Thomas J. Watson, 1874, Entrepreneur
Tino Cochino, 1987, Radio Host
Tiquan Underwood, 1987, Football Player
Tommy Moe, 1970, Skier
Tonie Carroll, 1978, Rugby Player
Tony Underwood, 1969, Rugby Player
Val Mercado, 1992, Model
Valeria Mazza, 1972, Model
Vanessa Atler, 1982, Gymnast
Vasyl Lomachenko, 1988, Boxer
Vicente Fernandez, 1940, World Music Singer
Virginia Sorensen, 1912, Novelist
Wally Pipp, 1893, Baseball Player
Wayne Morris, 1914, Movie Actor
William Bronk, 1918, Poet
Yusef Reown, 1995, Vine Star
Zachary Bennett, 1980, TV Actor
Zelda Harris, 1985, Movie Actress
Zoja Trofimiuk, 1952, Sculptor


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