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December 6 Famous Birthdays

December 6 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 6 have this magnetic presence. As a Sagittarius, they probably have a lot of friends. They have a pleasant attitude… they’re a bright light in their friends eyes and heart. Their family thinks the world of them.


However, all know that they can be short tempered and intolerant of childish behavior. But for the most part, they keep harmony between the family.


Actually, when it comes to sharing their knowledge, famous December 6 celebrities could extend their talents by teaching others. By having the talent to lead, they would make an excellent principal or work in other managerial positions.


When it comes to giving advice, famous people born on December 6 are the one everyone comes to. Where it concerns their health, they should be careful of the calories they eat. Mainly, they don’t have to worry until the later years in their life or when they are not so active. Foods have a way of hanging around in places that could change the way they look in their favorite outfit.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 6th ooze with charm. People are mysteriously drawn to them. If only everyone knew that they were an impatient bomb waiting to explode. Mostly, they want to have peace and happiness.

December 6 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

6 December Good Traits:

  • Flexible
  • Progressive
  • Honest
  • Peacemaker
  • Sociable
  • Cheerful
  • Magnetic
  • Charming
  • Persuasive
  • Optimistic
  • Understanding

6 December Bad Traits:

  • Impatient
  • Hurtful
  • Brusque
  • Impulsive
  • Petty
  • Childish

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December 6 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Rossi, 1980, Drummer
Aaron Sandilands, 1982, Australian Rules Footballer
Abner Aguila, 1995, Star
Adam Berg, 1972, Director
Adam Eaton, 1988, Baseball Player
Addie BabyTeeth4, 2007, YouTube Star
Adrian Bliss, 1993, YouTube Star
Adrian Borland, 1957, Guitarist
Adrian Fenty, 1970, Politician
Agnes Moorehead, 1900, Movie Actress
Albert Voinea, 1991, Soccer Player
Alberto Contador, 1982, Cyclist
Alberto Spencer, 1937, Soccer Player
Alexander Wilkinson, 1892, War Hero
Alicia Machado, 1976, TV Show Host
Allison Pregler, 1989, YouTube Star
Amber Danielle, 1987, YouTube Star
Amber Walter, 1987, YouTube Star
America Young, 1984, TV Actress

Andie Arthur, 1994, Model
Andrew Cuomo, 1957, Politician
Andrew Flintoff, 1977, Cricket Player
Andrew Howard, 1969, Movie Actor
Andrew Trabass, 1989, YouTube Star
Andy Daniell, 1984, DJ
Andy Robustelli, 1925, Football Player
Angela Gots, 1978, TV Actress
Anthony Mennella, 1995, YouTube Star
Antti Holma, 1982, TV Actor
April Love Geary, 1994, Model
Arabella Weir, 1965, Young Adult Author
Arthur Golden, 1956, Novelist
Ashin, 1975, Rock Singer
Ashley Madekwe, 1981, TV Actress
Audrey McGraw, 2001, Family Member
Ayo Shonaiya, 1968, Film Producer
Bappy Chowdhury, 1982, Movie Actor
december 6 famous birthdaysBen Watson, 1985, Soccer Player
Bill Thomas, 1941, Politician
Blame The Controller, 1980, Twitch Star
Bobby Van, 1928, TV Actor
Branden Campbell, 1974, Bassist
Britt Assombalonga, 1992, Soccer Player
Bruce Nauman, 1941, Multimedia Artist
Byron Katie, 1942, Self-Help Author
Cade Sutton, 2002, TV Actor
Camille Muzinga, 1980, Soccer Player
Campaign Vier, 1997, Instagram Star
Charles Bronson, 1952, Criminal
Charles Martin Hall, 1863, Scientist
Charlotte Campbell, 1990, Pop Singer
Chloe Merp, 1999, Vine Star
Chris Givens, 1989, Football Player
Chris Stamey, 1954, Rock Singer
Christopher Wenner, 1954, Journalist

Cintia Dicker, 1986, Model
CJ Thomason, 1982, TV Actor
Coco Vandeweghe, 1991, Tennis Player
Colin Salmon, 1962, Movie Actor
Colleen Haskell, 1976, Reality Star
Conall Keenan, 1996, Vine Star
Craig Brewer, 1971, Screenwriter
Craig Newmark, 1952, Entrepreneur
Daan Jordens, 1994, YouTube Star
Dan Harrington, 1945,
Dan Lloyd, 1990, YouTube Star
Dana Sue Gray, 1957, Criminal
Daniel Adni, 1951, Pianist
Daniel Coz, 1989, YouTube Star
Daniel Lisulo, 1930, Politician
Daniel Rigby, 1982, Comedian
Danny McGuire, 1982, Rugby Player
Darrell Jackson, 1978, Football Player

Dave Brubeck, 1920, Pianist
Dave Lovering, 1961, Drummer
David Ossman, 1936, Comedian
Debbie Rowe, 1958, Family Member
Declan Mulholland, 1932, Movie Actor
Deena Nichole Fagiano, 1988, Football Player
Dharmendra, 1935, Movie Actor
Don Nickles, 1948, Politician
Donald Jack, 1924, Playwright
Dora Greenwell, 1821, Poet
Dulce Maria, 1985, World Music Singer
Dumiso Dabengwa, 1939, Politician
Edmund Andros, 1637, Politician
Edward Tudor-Pole, 1955, Movie Actor
Elian Gonzalez, 1993,
Emmanuel Fremiet, 1824, Sculptor
Erik Burman, 1897, Hockey Player
Eva Ricci, 1999, YouTube Star
EvanTubeHD, 2005, YouTube Star
FBG Duck, 1993, Rapper
Federico Puppo, 1986, Soccer Player
Foxiify, 1993, YouTube Star
Francine Faure, 1914, Family Member
Frankie Beverly, 1946, R&B Singer
Fred Duesenberg, 1876, Entrepreneur
Garth Stein, 1964, Novelist
Geoff Hoon, 1953, Politician
Georgia Horsley, 1986, Model
Giannis Antetokounmpo, 1994, Basketball Player
Gina Hecht, 1953, TV Actress
Grant Sheppard, 1972, Cricket Player
Hacken Lee, 1967, World Music Singer
Harvey Miguel Robinson, 1974, Criminal
Helen Cornelius, 1941, Country Singer
Henry Byalikov, 1985, Dancer
Homero Francesch, 1947, Pianist
Ilana Vered, 1943, Pianist
Ira Gershwin, 1896, Songwriter
Irv Robbins, 1917, Entrepreneur
Jack De Sena, 1987, Voice Actor
James Coughlan, 1980, Rugby Player
James Lock, 1986, Reality Star
James Naughton, 1945, Movie Actor
Jamie White, 1968, Radio Host
Janet Murguia, 1960, Civil Rights Leader
Janine Turner, 1962, TV Actress
Jay Leonhart, 1940, Bassist
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, 1805, Magician
Jeff Stelling, 1955, Sportscaster
Jens Pulver, 1974, MMA Fighter
Jeremy Langford, 1991, Football Player
Jesper Svenningsen, 1997, eSports Player
Jimmy Levy, 1997, Star
Jobeth Williams, 1948, Movie Actress
Joe Hisaishi, 1950, Composer
Joe Shishido, 1933, Movie Actor
Joey Dillon, 1989, Reality Star
John Rowse, 2000, YouTube Star
John Singleton Mosby, 1833, Politician
Johnny Manziel, 1992, Football Player
Jordan Barrett, 1996, Instagram Star
Jose Contreras, 1971, Baseball Player
Joseph Adlai Musia, 1987, Pop Singer
Joseph Alminawi, 1981, YouTube Star
Joseph Lamb, 1887, Composer
Josh Eppard, 1979, Drummer
Joy Kingston, 1922, Fashion Designer
Joyce Kilmer, 1886, Poet
Judd Apatow, 1967, Film Producer
Judith Giuliani, 1954, Political Wife
Julia Kasdorf, 1962, Poet
Karl Bitter, 1867, Sculptor
Kathryn McGuire, 1903, Movie Actress
Katie O’Donnell, 1988, Field Hockey Player
KD Aubert, 1978, TV Actress
Keke Rosberg, 1948, Race Car Driver
Kelly Paterniti, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Kenneth Copeland, 1936, Religious Leader
Kevin Appier, 1967, Baseball Player
Kevin Ray, 1986, Bassist
Kieran Marsh, 2000, Pop Singer
Kin Shriner, 1953, Soap Opera Actor
Kira Taylor, 1999, Country Singer
Lance Fuller, 1928, Movie Actor
Larry Bourgeois, 1988, Dancer
Larry Bowa, 1945, Baseball Player
Laurent Bourgeois, 1988, Dancer
Leon Russom, 1941, Soap Opera Actor
Lester Joseph Gillis, 1908, Criminal
Lewis Macleod, 1970, Voice Actor
Libbie Henrietta Hyman, 1888, Scientist
Linda Barnes, 1949, Novelist
Linda Creed, 1948, Songwriter
Lindsay Price, 1976, TV Actress
Lindy Tsang, 1986, YouTube Star
Lior Suchard, 1981, Magician
Lisa Spoonhauer, 1972, Movie Actress
Louise Catherine Breslau, 1856, Painter
Lucas Vercetti, 1993,
Lucia Rijker, 1967, Boxer
Luigi Lablache, 1794, Opera Singer
Lukas Bellesini, 1990, Dancer
Lupita Ferrer, 1947, TV Actress
Luther Burrell, 1987, Rugby Player
Lynn Fontanne, 1887, Stage Actress
Mark Reckless, 1970, Politician
Marsha Milan Londoh, 1985, Jazz Singer
Mary Ethel Barnard, 1909, Poet
Masami Kurumada, 1953, Cartoonist
Maurice Hope, 1951, Boxer
Max Kasch, 1985, Movie Actor
Max Muller, 1823, Non-Fiction Author
Mia Love, 1975, Politician
Michael Coleman, 1973, TV Actor
Michael Gallagher, 1988, YouTube Star
Michael Roberts, 1902, Poet
Mike Smith, 1943, Pop Singer
Miroslav Vitous, 1947, Bassist
Miss Pich Lifestyle, 2001, YouTube Star
Morgana Van Peebles, 1997, Movie Actress
Natascha Badmann, 1966, Triathlete
Ndandu Kasongo, 1979, Soccer Player
Nick Bockwinkel, 1934, Wrestler
Nick Park, 1958, Director
Nicky Cruz, 1938, Autobiographer
Nicolas Palladino, 1993, Model
Nikolay Lossky, 1870, Philosopher
Nils Petersen, 1988, Soccer Player
Nobunaga Shimazaki, 1988, Voice Actor
Noel Clarke, 1975, TV Actor
Otto Graham, 1921, Football Player
Pablo Sultani, 1973, TV Actor
Pat Flynn, 1982, Entrepreneur
Patricia Carr, 1937, Movie Actress
Paul Jenkins, 1965, Comedian
Peter Buck, 1956, Guitarist
Peter Handke, 1942, Playwright
Rafal Wojaczek, 1945, Poet
Ramona Manescu, 1972, Politician
Randy Rhoads, 1956, Guitarist
Ravindra Jadeja, 1988, Cricket Player
Ray Lahood, 1945, Politician
Ray Perkins, 1941, Football Coach
Reekado Banks, 1993, Rapper
Renardo Sidney, 1989, Basketball Player
Richard C. Breeden, 1949, Lawyer
Richard Krajicek, 1971, Tennis Player
Richard Speck, 1941, Criminal
Rick Buckler, 1955, Drummer
Riley Hawk, 1992, Skateboarder
Robb Royer, 1942, Guitarist
Rod Fanni, 1981, Soccer Player
Roger Lapham, 1883, Politician
Ron Browz, 1928, Music Producer
Royler Gracie, 1965, MMA Fighter
RSQ Viper, 1977, YouTube Star
Ryan Carnes, 1982, TV Actor
Ryan Haywood, 1980, YouTube Star
Ryan Hilton, 1992, Reality Star
Ryan Kennedy, 1982, TV Actor
Ryan White, 1971, Activist
Ryan Wynott, 1999, TV Actor
Sam Newfield, 1899, Director
Sara X, 1986, YouTube Star
Sarah Rafferty, 1972, TV Actress
Satoru Iwata, 1959, Entrepreneur
Scooter Smiff, 1995, Rapper
Seamus Heath, 1961, Soccer Player
Sean Ervine, 1982, Cricket Player
Sebastian Biesler, 1987, Pop Singer
Seth Robinson, 1974, Game Designer
Shekhar Kapur, 1945, Director
Sherihan, 1964, Movie Actress
Slavisa Stojanovic, 1969, Soccer Coach
Sofia Hayat, 1984, Model
Sofia Karlberg, 1996, Pop Singer
Sophie Von Laroche, 1730, Novelist
Stan Hack, 1909, Baseball Player
Stefanie Scott, 1996, TV Actress
Stella Chuu, 1988, Instagram Star
Steve Lovell, 1980, Soccer Player
Steven Wright, 1955, Comedian
Susanna Moodie, 1803, Memoirist
Susie Wolff, 1982, Race Car Driver
Tal Cooperman, 1984, Entrepreneur
Tamanna Roashan, 1984, Makeup Artist
Tareque Masud, 1956, Director
TheProGamerJay, 1996, YouTube Star
Thom Barry, 1950, TV Actor
Tiffany Houghton, 1993, Pop Singer
Tiffany Tang, 1983, Movie Actress
Tish Hinojosa, 1955, Folk Singer
Todd Duffee, 1985, MMA Fighter
Tom Hulce, 1953, Stage Actor
Tomson Highway, 1951, Novelist
Tony Horton, 1944, Baseball Player
Tony Lazzeri, 1903, Baseball Player
Tony Okungbowa, 1967, TV Actor
TooSmooth, 1992, Rapper
Torri Higginson, 1969, Movie Actress
Ulf Ekberg, 1970, Pianist
Ulrich Thomsen, 1963, Movie Actor
Vittorio Mezzogiorno, 1941, Movie Actor
Wally Cox, 1924, TV Actor
Wardell Pomeroy, 1913, Scientist
Warren Elgort, 1989, Family Member
Warren Hastings, 1732, Politician
Wende Wagner, 1941, Movie Actress
Wesley Stromberg, 1993, Pop Singer
Wil Shriner, 1953, TV Actor
Will Hay, 1888, Movie Actor
William P. McGivern, 1918, Novelist
William S. Hart, 1864, Movie Actor
Wilmarie Sena, 1982, Reality Star


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