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Dating A Dog Walker: 7 Best Places To Meet

7 Best Places To Meet A Dog Walker

If you want to date a butcher, you visit the abattoir; likewise, will you be in a hospital if you want to date a doctor or someone in the medical profession? So, where do you go if you look to dating a dog walker? Most dog walkers feel more comfortable when they are on their own. They can have good conversations and feel free with other dog walkers.


So, they usually prefer to date fellow dog walkers. However, you don’t necessarily have to date someone who shares your interest to be happy. It can be anybody so far as you love each other. Here are some places to go if you want to meet and date a fellow dog walker or meet any other potential partner.


Dating a Dog Walker: Where Can You Meet Him Or Her?

1. Go to the Park if plan on Dating A Dog Walker

Many dog walkers take a rest in the park after a long walk. This makes the park one of the best places to meet a dog walker. You can also visit the part with your dog within different schedules. It can be morning and late afternoon to meet different dog walkers and other visitors. So as your dog is playing around with other dogs, you can start socializing with a fellow dog walker or visitor.


Starting a conversation is very easy among people who share the same interest. You can talk about your dogs, how smart they are, and how naughty they sometimes become. Just anything that will keep the conversation flowing. If you are interesting enough, they will undoubtedly want to have further chats, which is a good start.


2. Go to the Beach and Hiking

Another place to try is the beach or go hiking. There are a lot of people who visit the beach daily, especially on weekends. You can go to one of these beaches with your dog. Like you, others would come with their dog, and you can easily relate as soon as you identify such people. You can also join a hiking group where you meet different people. You will surely meet someone who shares your interest.

3. Animal Fund Raising Events

Several organizations seek the welfare of animals and therefore organize fundraising events in their aid. It can be an animal rescue group or rehoming shelter group. You can attend one of these events to meet like-minded people. Who knows, you can meet a potential partner there.

4. Pubs, which are Dog Friendly

Many pubs out there are animal friendly. So you wouldn’t need to leave your dog home while going to the pub. Since it is an animal-friendly pub, you will meet other dog lovers who will bring their pets. If your pet is interesting enough, it will attract the attention of others, and they will start asking questions about it. Pick it up from there. But make sure your dog is very disciplined and wouldn’t go about barking at customers.

5. Coffee Shop is not a bad idea if you want to meet a dog walker

You can also try the coffee shop as you continue to try places. Find a coffee shop with outside seating and enjoy the evening breeze with your dog. Your dog will surely attract attention, and as popular try to ask more about it, you can seize the opportunity to start an exciting conversation.

6. Attend a Dog Walk for Charity

Several events are organized around pets, and you can use such events as bait to meet a potential partner. One of such events is the dog walk for charity. This event brings many dog lovers together to have a walk and raise funds.

So while you join the walk as a way to exercise the body, you can meet a potential partner as you chat with other walkers. This is a great way to meet a potential partner.

7. Join a Specific Breed Group

Specific dog breed groups are formed to ensure best practices and for breeders to share ideas among themselves. So you have a group to join, whether you own a German shepherd, bulldog, poodle, or chow. As you meet like-minded persons, you can start your search from there.

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