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Kau Cim

Kau Cim

Kau Cim is a very popular form of fortune-telling through China. It has also become popular in the United States. This particular type of fortune stick is relatively simple to use yet the ritual is considered important.

However, there is available a quick and simple but very accurate free online version of this fortune-telling technique. The Kau Cim Calculator is available free online. Get your reading today!

Kau Cim fortune sticks are used for predicting opportunities in your life and other possible future events. Chien Tung gives accurate and precise predictions. The fortune sticks are designed to indicate events that will occur in the near future.

It can also forewarn you of problems and dangers you face presently or in the near future. Thus you are empowered because of your awareness of the situation you can prepare for both good and bad times.

Advance knowledge of circumstance no matter what you are doing be it a holiday or an exam gives you the opportunity for better preparation. You also can build the confidence to deal with the potential difficulties.

The Kau Cim has its origins in China and dates back to the Jin Dynasty according to the Jade Box Records. When the prediction begins all the sticks are in the storage container.

kau cim

The questioner purifies the cylinder by revolving around the incense three times and shuffling the sticks six times. Kneeling in prayer the questioner asks the question of the deity either aloud or in a whisper.

You must ask a decisive question the cylinder is shaken at a slightly downward angle and a minimum of one stick will leave the container. If multiple sticks hit the floor the rite must be done again. Each stick has one number which is the answer to one question.

Once a single stick has been selected the answer is determined through the written Oracle. Then the blocks are tossed to verify the answer. When the flat side is tossed in both blocks this is a denial and some believe that when this occurs the deity is laughing at the question.

When the successful fortune is created interpretation may still be required to clarify the answer. Either a Temple priest, a volunteer or the individual can interpret the answer. Often an offering may be made to encourage a favorable answer. This type of offering is usually incenses, fresh fruit, or money.

Kau Cim

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