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Capricorn Man Sexual Traits

Capricorn Man In Love

Being generally serious in all aspects of his life, the Capricorn man takes love just as seriously. He has a firm belief in true love and will wait until he finds it. Once he does he will do his extreme best at working hard in keeping it.

He therefore isn’t the type of man who flirts all the time and neither does he cheat on his woman. In addition to that, he does not like mind games and will not give a second for them. As much as he is a serious romantic he never permits that to influence the decisions he makes concerning his relationships.

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Capricorn Man In Relationships

Once the Capricorn guy is in a relationship he will always be devoted and loyal to his partner. He also loves equality and stability. Therefore, he will expect you to agree to divide expenses and work. That said, he will be extremely happy to take good care of you.

The Capricorn male will never lag behind bills and rent. He is very supportive and protective of his partner. It is highly unlikely for him to cheat on you or go around flirting with other women.

Once he makes his decision to stick to one woman, he believes he has made a good decision and will not have any cause to stray. All he will want in return is a well balanced and firm commitment from his partner.

Capricorn men like to build relationships slowly so that their partner may take her time to discover what kind of a person he is. If there is anything that he does not feel confident about, he will definitely let his partner know.

He is not the kind of person who would lead you on and he does not like to let down people he likes. Due to his reserved nature, the Capricorn’s partner will have to find a way around him in a bid to prove that she can be trusted before he decides to completely open up to her and let her in his world.

Capricorn Man Sexuality Traits

When it comes to the bedroom, the Capricorn man can turn from a calm mellow bunny to a wild raging bull in a span of seconds. Be prepared for a surprise of this level and magnitude. He can be very passionate in bed and pays close attention to detail just as he would in any normal situation.

He does not really enjoy role play or any other sort of fantasies; neither does he enjoy candles or costumes of any kind. He is the kind of lover who prefers to do one thing and do it extremely well.

As much as he may be reticent and has his set preferences, he still enjoys pleasing his partner and therefore there could be some room to convince him to try out other things that he might be quite fond of. You are therefore bound to end up with a huge smile on your face after a sexual encounter with this man because he thoroughly understands how to please his woman.

However, never expect him to show is affection freely in public. He prefers that side of him to remain private. If you are in a relationship with the Capricorn zodiac sign it would be best to keep any arguments behind closed doors.

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  1. im a lady leo although do not portray to be confident and a extrovert , my birth date 10/08/66 my Capricorn partner of nearly 2 years I1/01/74

  2. My capricorn boyfriend birthdate is 11 jan 1990 añd mine is 25 dec 1991, can we be a match, I can’t look no further I hàve strong feelings for him, we love each other so much. Do we have what it takes to create undying love?

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