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Capricorn Woman Sexual Traits

Capricorn Woman In Love

The Capricorn woman takes love very seriously. She will not fall in love at first sight and she will not waste her time flirting with men who are not worth it. She takes love as a very serious issue. She is the type of person who, once she has spotted the right person for her, she will take her time to get to know him.

She will observe him carefully and once she is confident about him, she will let herself fall in love with him. There are times when she can be caught by surprise and emotions overtake the situation.

Capricorn womanCapricorn Woman In Relationships

As much as the Capricorn female can be submissive in a relationship, she is still very independent. She therefore won’t let her partner take the lead role at all times. She prefers a relationship where there is equality in terms of leadership.

Her ideal relationship is one that has security, love and most importantly, success. She also does not like routine, so be sure to have different unpredictable ideas at your fingertips to keep the fire burning.

Being a sensual individual, this woman loves intense touch. She enjoys cuddling and deep passionate kissing. She is not quite a fan of extraordinary sexual activities, and if she does go there, she will ensure that she does not go overboard passed her limits.

Therefore, as a man dating a Capricorn woman, do not push her into rare acts before asking if she is comfortable with them first.

Don’t try to rush the Capricorn woman. Take your time with her and let her do whatever she needs to decide if you are the right  person for her. She will eventually tell you what exactly she wants. Love compatibility with her partner matters to her.

Capricorn Woman Sexuality Traits

The passionate and loving Capricorn zodiac sign. She will never agree to sex on a first date. This is because she believes that sex is purely for purposes of pleasure and she has the ability to separate love from sex.

She is the type of woman who might not really enjoy sex in a relationship, but she will definitely enjoy for purposes of her body. However, the moment she combines sex and emotions then she will have achieved something big and this will really make her happy.

If the Capricorn female does enjoy sex while in a relationship it might not be for a permanent period of time. Sex for her at some point will not give her that deepness she desires. she will want to understand her partner completely. She will want to know that he is just as passionate as he is.

She will want him to make her feel feminine in all aspects of her life. All this will not be achieved through sex only. Besides the sex,  Capricorn women want to learn what exactly she will gain from the relationship, once her partner eventually begins to win her heart.

In terms of sex, the Capricorn woman is very passionate, and always ready to go an adventure and try out new things in bed. However, as wild as she may be, what matters most when it comes to sex is that emotional bond she desires to create with her partner.

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  1. This is exactly me right there .. everything true about me. I am Capricorn woman I work hard and love ❤️ the most important thing in my life, once I Love I will die to my man.

  2. This is pretty spot on! Capricorn women are very passionate and intense lovers, contrary to the popular perception of us.

  3. Wow! I’m impressed. Up to seventy per cent of this is true for me. Hmm

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