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April 4 Famous Birthdays

April 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 4th are Aries who are likely overbearing but tell the truth. They are entrepreneurs who has an original mind filled with fresh and exciting ideas. They are able to make decisions based on equal opportunity and without biases.

However, they have days when it just doesn’t pay to argue with them. It has been said that they like to control everything. Also, that they tend to bend the rules when necessary to get the job accomplished. In love, they don’t like relationships to be complicated.


Instead, they look for the courtship to take a natural course. The famous people born on April 4 are hopeful for a lasting and loving relationship. When it comes to their health, however, they need to do something to get their mind off the daily grind.


Stress has a significant role in how we feel and look. Maybe a dance class will do them some good. It would also do wonders for their mind.

Famous people born on April 4th are likely to be a blunt, bossy and impatient Arians. This can make it hard for anyone to get along with them. It’s their way or no way. They don’t mind working to get the things they want but they may let fear get in their way of true success. Look below for more about the famous birthdays of April 4th.


April 4th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4th April Good Traits:

  • Sensible
  • Natural
  • Realistic
  • Sharp
  • Competitive
  • Imaginative
  • Encouraging
  • Playful
  • Joyful

4th April Bad Traits:

  • Cranky
  • Irritable
  • Uncertain
  • Fearful
  • Nervous
  • Vexed

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April 4th Famous Birthday Personalities

A Michael Baldwin, 1963, Movie Actor
Abdullah Ocalan, 1948, World Leader
Abigail Anderson, 1990, Instagram Star
Adam Dutkiewicz, 1977, Guitarist
Adrian Harris, 1970, TV Actor
Ahmed Zuway, 1978, Soccer Player
Aiden McGeady, 1986, Soccer Player
Alex Biega, 1988, Hockey Player
Alex Koehler, 1991, Metal Singer
Alexa Nikolas, 1992, TV Actress
Alexander Tettey, 1986, Soccer Player
Alexandra Ryan, 1981, Voice Actor
Ali Babacan, 1967, Politician
Alison Bales, 1985, Basketball Player
Allen Crabbe, 1992, Basketball Player
Amanda Righetti, 1983, TV Actress
Andre Dalyrimple, 1974, Rapper
Andreas Munoz, 1990, TV Actor
Andrei Tarkovsky, 1932, Director
Andrew Gardner, 1986, Football Player
Andrew Lau, 1960, Director
Andy McKee, 1979, Guitarist
Angelle Tymon, 1983, TV Show Host
Anna Rose, 1985, Rock Singer
Anthony Clark, 1964, TV Actor
Anthony Manero, 1905, Golfer
Anthony Perkins, 1932, Movie Actor

Arthur Murray, 1895, Dancer
Ashley Nicole Greene, 2001, Pop Singer
Aska Yang, 1978, Pop Singer
Augustin Hadelich, 1984, Violinist
Austin Mahone, 1996, Pop Singer
Barry Pepper, 1970, Movie Actor
Bart Giamatti, 1938, Business Executive
Bea Benaderet, 1906, TV Actress
Ben Gordon, 1983, Basketball Player
Ben Stevenson, 1936, Dancer
Benjamin Peirce, 1809, Scientist
Benny Ciaramello, 1981, TV Actor
Benny Green, 1963, Pianist
Berry Oakley, 1948, Bassist
Bettina Von Arnim, 1785, Novelist
Betty Waters, 1923, TV Show Host
Bill France Jr., 1933, Business Executive
Bill Tarmey, 1941, Soap Opera Actor
Blake Williams, 1985, Motorcycle Racer
Bob Marley, 1967, Comedian
Brady Roberts, 1987, TV Actor
Brian Foster, 1984, MMA Fighter
Cameron Maybin, 1987, Baseball Player
Carlos Reyes, 1969, Baseball Player
Carolina Gaitan, 1984, TV Actress
Caroline Dare, 2001, Country Singer
Caroline McWilliams, 1945, TV Actress
Charles Bernstein, 1950, Poet
Cherie Lunghi, 1952, Movie Actress
Chino Alpha Wolf, 1990, YouTube Star
Chloe Madison, 1996, TV Actress
Chris Herd, 1989, Soccer Player
Chris Kramer, 1988, Basketball Player
Chris McCormack, 1973, Triathlete
Chris O’Neal, 1994, TV Actor
Christian Combs, 1998, Family Member
Christine Lahti, 1950, TV Actress
Christine Roche, 1970, Cartoonist
Clay Davidson, 1971, Country Singer
Clive Davis, 1932, Music Producer
Collette Wolfe, 1980, Movie Actress
Constance Shulman, 1958, TV Actress
Craig T. Nelson, 1944, TV Actor
Currensy, 1981, Rapper
Dale Hawerchuk, 1963, Hockey Player
Dan Simmons, 1948, Novelist
Dan Talevski, 1987, Pop Singer
Daniel Lara, 2001, Instagram Star
Daniela Bobadilla, 1993, TV Actress
Danny Thompson, 1939, Bassist
Darrell Fetty, 1950, Screenwriter
Dave Mirra, 1974, BMX Rider
David Blaine, 1973, Magician
David C. Sutherland III, 1949, Illustrator
David Cross, 1964, TV Actor
David E. Kelley, 1956, TV Producer
David Gavurin, 1963, Guitarist
David Perry, 1967, Entrepreneur

David White, 1916, TV Actor
Derek Thompson, 1948, Soap Opera Actor
Devon Anderson, 1987, TV Actor
Dina Manfredini, 1897,
Dorothea Dix, 1802, Civil Rights Leader
Dorothy Fay, 1915, Movie Actress
Dudi Sela, 1985, Tennis Player
Eddie Watt, 1941, Baseball Player
Edith Sodergran, 1892, Poet
Elizabeth Wilson, 1921, Stage Actress
Elmer Bernstein, 1922, Composer
Emily Wilkinson, 1991, Family Member
Emmett Williams, 1925, Poet
Eric Andre, 1983, TV Actor
Eric Rodriguez, 1981, Basketball Player
Erno Balogh, 1897, Pianist
Estelle Harris, 1928, Movie Actress
Eunhyuk, 1986, Pop Singer
Eunice W. Johnson, 1916, Entrepreneur
Evelyn Hart, 1956, Dancer
Fiorella Mannoia, 1954, World Music Singer
Frances Langford, 1913, Pop Singer
Frank Fielding, 1988, Soccer Player
Frank Kaminsky, 1993, Basketball Player
Fred Noonan, 1893, Pilot
Garry Sandhu, 1984, Pop Singer
Gary Moore, 1952, Guitarist
Gary Smulyan, 1956, Saxophonist
Gaurav Chopra, 1979, TV Actor
Gene Reynolds, 1923, Director
Georg Johannes Vontrapp, 1880, War Hero
Gil Hodges, 1924, Baseball Player
Giorgos Sideris, 1938, Soccer Player
Gong Hyo-jin, 1980, Movie Actress

Grady Jarrett, 1965, Football Player
Graham Norton, 1963, TV Show Host
Greg Garcia, 1970, TV Producer
Grinling Gibbons, 1648, Sculptor
Gus De St. Jeor, 2001, Instagram Star
Hari Shankar Roy, 1986, High Jumper
Harriotte Lane, 2001, Model
Hayden Summerall, 2005, Pop Singer
Heath Ledger, 1979, Movie Actor
Hector De la Hoya, 1990, YouTube Star
Henri Huet, 1927, Photographer
Hugh Masekela, 1939, Composer
Hugo Weaving, 1960, Movie Actor
Irene Skliva, 1978, Model
Jack Del Rio, 1963, Football Coach
Jacquelyn Jablonski, 1991, Model
James Alberione, 1884, Religious Leader
James Dash Patterson, 1991, Twitch Star
James Hozier, 1851, Politician
James Roday, 1976, TV Actor
James Shannon, 1952, Politician
James Wilcox, 1949, Novelist
Jamie Lynn Spears, 1991, TV Actress
Jane McDonald, 1963, TV Show Host
Janni Deler, 1990, Blogger
Jared Robinson, 1963, TV Actor
Jen Ruggirello, 1993, YouTube Star
Jenah Yamamoto, 1993, Instagram Star
Jennessa Rose, 1994, Voice Actor
Jerome Weidman, 1913, Playwright
Jessica Cediel, 1982, TV Show Host
Jessica Napier, 1979, TV Actress
Jessica Serfaty, 1991, Model
Jill Scott, 1972, R&B Singer
Jim Fregosi, 1942, Baseball Manager
Jimmy Logan, 1928, Movie Actor
Joe Chen, 1979, Pop Singer
Joe Stecher, 1893, Wrestler
Johanna Reiss, 1932, Memoirist
John Cameron Swayze, 1906, TV Show Host
John Hannah, 1951, Football Player
John Steven Wooley, 1949, Non-Fiction Author
Johnny Borrell, 1980, Rock Singer
Jonathan Agnew, 1960, Cricket Player
Jordan Tugrul, 1996, YouNow Star
Joseph Bratton, 1926, War Hero
Josh Todd, 1970, Rock Singer
Joyce Giraud, 1975, Model
Judy Buenoano, 1943, Criminal
Julie Carmen, 1954, Movie Actress
Junior Haha, 1996, YouTube Star
Justin Cook, 1982, Voice Actor
Karl Jones, 1959, Race Car Driver
Karren Brady, 1969, Business Executive
Katherine Neville, 1945, Novelist
Keith Bullock, 1977, Football Player
Keith Bulluck, 1977, Football Player
Kellen McGregor, 1985, Guitarist
Kendrick Durand, 2001, Star
Kenneth Mars, 1935, Movie Actor
Kett Turton, 1982, TV Actor
Kevin Brown, 1972, Comedian
Kevin Montgomery, 1988, Hockey Player
Kevin Weekes, 1975, Hockey Player
Khadi Don, 1994, Vine Star
Kumar Bose, 1953, Composer
Lajos Portisch, 1937, Chess Player
Lance Dos Ramos, 1985, TV Actor
Landry Jones, 1989, Football Player
Lane Styles, 2004, Movie Actress
Laura Ivette, 1990, Model
Lauren Worsham, 1982, Stage Actress
Leanne Woodfull, 1993, YouTube Star
Lemar, 1978, R&B Singer
Linus Yale Jr., 1821, Entrepreneur
Lisa Ray, 1972, Model
Lisa Schwartz, 1982, YouTube Star
Loris Capirossi, 1973, Motorcycle Racer
Lorraine Toussaint, 1960, TV Actress
Loulou Vitt, 2003, YouTube Star
Lucas Lucco, 1991, Country Singer
Luke Halpin, 1947, Movie Actor
Lynetta Kizer, 1990, Basketball Player
Maggie Geha, 1988, Model
Manny Gutierrez, 1991, YouTube Star
Marion Harris, 1896, Jazz Singer
Marlon Stockinger, 1991, Race Car Driver
Martin Perez, 1991, Baseball Player
Marvel Cooke, 1903, Journalist
Mary Colter, 1869, Architect
Mary McCall Jr., 1904, Screenwriter
Mary-Margaret Humes, 1954, TV Actress
Matt Jess, 1984, Rugby Player
Matthew Dear, 1979, DJ
Maurice De Vlaminck, 1876, Painter
Mauro Formica, 1988, Soccer Player
Maya Angelou, 1928, Poet
McDonald Mariga, 1987, Soccer Player
Mercedes Mila, 1951, TV Show Host
Michel Camilo, 1954, Pianist
Michel Villey, 1914, Philosopher
Mike Starr, 1966, Bassist
Mo Cowan, 1969, Politician
Mousie Mouse, 1995, YouTube Star
Muddy Waters, 1915, Guitarist
Nancy McKeon, 1966, TV Actress
Natalie Pike, 1983, Model
Natasha Lyonne, 1979, Movie Actress
Nathan M. Pusey, 1907,
Ned Vizzini, 1981, Young Adult Author
Nicola Wheeler, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
P Dice, 1986, Rapper
Paige Jimenez, 1998, Model
Paloma Sirven, 1993, TV Actress
Pamela Ribon, 1975, Screenwriter
Pat Burns, 1952, Hockey Coach
Paul Parker, 1964, Soccer Player
Petar Kralj, 1941, TV Actor
Peter Vaughan, 1923, TV Actor
Phara Funeral, 1986, Rapper
Phil Manansala, 1988, Guitarist
Phil Morris, 1959, TV Actor
Phoebe Gilman, 1940, Children’s Author
Pick Withers, 1948, Drummer
Piotr Anderszewski, 1969, Pianist
Rachel Korine, 1986, Movie Actress
Rachel Tietz, 1991, YouTube Star
Ralph Friedgen, 1947, Football Coach
Ray Fosse, 1947, Baseball Player
Ray Mercer, 1961, Boxer
Remy De Gourmont, 1858, Poet
Richard D. Parsons, 1948, Business Executive
Richard Lugar, 1932, Politician
Ricky Dillon, 1992, YouTube Star
Robbie Rist, 1964, TV Actor
Robert Downey Jr., 1965, Movie Actor
Robert E. Sherwood, 1896, Screenwriter
Robert Richardson Jr., 1982, Race Car Driver
Roberto Luongo, 1979, Hockey Player
Roderick Paulate, 1963, TV Show Host
Rudy Fernandez, 1985, Basketball Player
Ryan Russell, 1981, Photographer
Saida Karoli, 1976, World Music Singer
Sam Moran, 1978, Pop Singer
Sami Khedira, 1987, Soccer Player
Sarah Gadon, 1987, Movie Actress
Sarah Henderson, 1964, Journalist
Satoshi Furukawa, 1964, Astronaut
Scott Rolen, 1975, Baseball Player
Sean Wilson, 1965, Soap Opera Actor
Selwyn Toogood, 1916, Game Show Host
Snooky Serna, 1966, TV Actress
Spencer Scott, 1989,
Stephan Bonnar, 1977, MMA Fighter
Stephen Mulhern, 1977, TV Show Host
Steve Molitor, 1980, Boxer
Steven Finn, 1989, Cricket Player
Stuart Newman, 1945, Teacher
Tad Lincoln, 1853, Family Member
Terri Doty, 1984, Voice Actor
Thaddeus Stevens, 1792, Politician
The Living Tombstone, 1991, YouTube Star
Thomas Mayne Reid, 1818, Novelist
TM88, 1987, Music Producer
Todrick Hall, 1985, Pop Singer
Tom Cheney, 1954, Cartoonist
Trevor Griffiths, 1935, Playwright
Trevor Moore, 1980, Comedian
Tris Speaker, 1888, Baseball Player
Vinny Burns, 1965, Guitarist
Vurnon Anita, 1989, Soccer Player
William Russell Flint, 1880, Illustrator
William Spetz, 1996, Comedian
Zac Mamba, 1990, Vine Star
Zachary Chay, 1996, YouTube Star


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