Tamil Jathagam – Panch Pakshi

Tamil Astrology Jathagam

Tamil astrology is based on a completely different concept of time than Western astrology and many others. You have the five themes being repeated in both the division of time and the division of tasks if you would like to see your temple astrology reading that can be provided for you. You would complete the details required and the resultant page will give you an excellent profile in a matter of seconds. Get your free Tamil Astrology Profile.

There is a division of time in the five phases these are called “Panch Pakshi” the word panch means five and Pakshi means birds. The time that is set to do an important task is determined through the five birds.

The birds that are named in the Panch Pakshi are: Vulture, Peacock, Owl, Rooster, and Crow. Each of these bird symbols appears twice in 24 hours. Once by day and once by night and the intervals are two hours and 24 minutes long.

The Pakshi cover five major tasks: eating, sleeping, walking, ruling and dying. The individual Panch Pakshi is determined based on a combination of your birthplace, the ascendant, and the first star. Each of these will carry great weight in determining the appropriate Panch Pakshi.

For the Tamil people this will feel appropriate and familiar. For Westerners the concept of set times for different activities seems very strange. Each culture will adapt their astrological system to fit their concepts of time and the way in which they prefer to do things.

Also very often a great deal of tradition becomes tied up with the astrological system. In the more ancient cultures it is not easy to toss aside a traditional point of view as most are not based in constant change as is Western society.

We still see the need to look beyond ourselves for guidance. And astrology has certainly provided many of us with the required guide. When we look at Tamil astrology we also see that there are a couple of other major connections that must be made it is necessary that there be a degree of compatibility between the ruling planet and the Nakshatra. When getting your free Tamil astrology reading this is an aspect that must be taken into account.

Panch Pakshi

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