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Similarities Between Egyptian God Thoth and Greek God Hermes

Egyptian God Thoth and Greek God Hermes: Similarities

For the Egyptians Thoth was the divinity of writing, and to the Greeks, Hermes. His speed and movement around the sun made him the messenger of the gods, his close friendship with the sun, do not forget that too much is never separated from each other; it was worth being initiated to divination and medicine. Today his caduceus continues to chair medical practices. On the day of his birth, he demonstrated skills with remarkable ease when he stole the beautiful calves of Apollo. In Rome, it was considered the patron of thieves and writers.



Principle: intelligence and means of expression. Flexibility. The intermediary. The reason. The mental adjustment.

Features: Neutral, Convertible, mild, dry. Corresponds to the signs of Gemini and Virgo, as well as houses III and VI.


Symbolizes The broker, siblings, environment, interest, trade, intelligence, science, study, practicality, travel, media, youth, theft, literature, cowboys, messengers, and agents, the word, the cunning, skillful and fast people. The streets and the busy and active neighborhoods. Discussions, mercury. Cornelius alectoria and chalcedony. Gray, polychrome. Monkey, fox, snake, and bee. Wednesday. Egypt, England, Greece, Silesia.



Provisions: Easy to learn. Ability to trade. Literature. Written. Scientific studies. Chemistry, Ph.D. Good education. Travel. Adequate in-house functions facilitate activity in the media of mass communication, journalism, press, radio, and television. Advertising agencies, cabinet crisis organizations. Crafts need formal intellectual training: literature, writing, speaking, study, and memory.

Qualities: Spirit alive and awake. Eloquence, literary skills, agility, flexibility, adaptability, and mental agility. Skill, subtlety, sociability, diplomacy, deduction, assimilation.



Defects: (if distressed): irregularity and mental instability. Forgetfulness, lies, trickery, dishonesty, nervousness, insanity, deception, charlatanism, slander. It can be shown as nasty, evil gossiping and oblivious affection for the game.

Occupations: intellectual or mental tasks. Trade, and editorials. Literary works. Writers, administrators, representatives, and reps favor the verbal expression of the lawyers and lecturers, fostering the communication of teachers, professors, and secretaries.

Ruling: The cerebrospinal nervous system. Brain breathing. Movements, tongue, larynx, arms and hands, intestines.

Anatomy and Conditions

Anatomy and conditions: The thyroid gland. The cerebrospinal. Nervous system The sense of sight. The tongue and organs of speech. Hands as an instrument of intelligence. Brain, hands, fingers, gallbladder, bones, thighs, and diseases of these organs. Hyperarousal states, neurasthenia and neuralgia, mental disorders, and speech. Amnesia and kleptomania. Nervous disorders or weakness resulting from tension, stress, or excitement. Headaches, salivation, mumps. Respiratory disorders. Slight removal capacity. Memory leaks.

Physical Appearance: Body and thin face. The front entire, long nose, thin lips, thin, expressive hands. Dark hair, bushy beard, sickly complexion, and piercing eyes. Marked lines, gentle curves, and deep expression.

Pathological Effects

Pathological effects: Problems of verbal expression. Respiratory problems. Nervous or mental disorders, speech defects. Headaches, issues, and concerns. Sudden mood slumps are sometimes caused by various conditions, alternating between high and low for depression or excitement. Paralysis and ataxia exhaustion or burnout. Excesses in times of stress.

Plants and associated plants: Yarrow, Millet, Hazel, sorrel, juniper, Margarita, Scabious. Elder. Tea. Valerian. Acacia. Anise. Mercurial.

Mercurial Type

The Mercurial Type: chances of success and profits thanks to the filmmaker’s innate sense of adaptation, but with alternating climbs and descents as support or antagonism of associated influences. Quite tall, slim, and lithe body. Exteriority is awake, alive, and quick. Look active, weak, but apparent voice addiction. The subject is always moving. Sinuous shapes. Little meat that highlights the bones and muscles. Grayish complexion. Elongated face, delicate features, front convex, arched eyebrows prevailing. Brow hair. Long, thin, and pointed nose. Boca fine. Small chin.

Dreams of Caduceus

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