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Libra November 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Libra Monthly Horoscope for November 2020

November 2020 Libra Horoscope predicts that independence and self-interests will be in focus this month. More than 80 percent of the planets are in the eastern sector of the horoscope. There will not be any need for cooperation or conciliation with others. Libra personality can dictate the course of events. You have to suppress your natural quality of compromise.


According to the astrology 2020 Horoscope, academic interests and communication fields will be in focus this month. Many learning prospects will present themselves this month. You will be busy with educational studies, discussions, and lectures. Libra persons are influenced by Venus to enhance their personal charm and personality. You will indulge in personal enjoyment.

Libra November 2020 Horoscope

Libra Love and Relationship Horoscope

Libra compatibility can be achieved in marriage if you give equal importance to your spouse. You can establish harmony in marriage with your passion till the 21st of the month. Communication is the key to good marital bliss.

Singles will have many romantic opportunities. But most of the partnerships are for fun and seriousness will be missing. You may find love in the workplace during the first week of the month. Confirmed relationships will face problems. Old ones may dissolve and new ones will come up. Overall love is highly complex and relationships are unstable.


Libra Family Horoscope Predictions

Libra November 2020 monthly horoscope predictions are not pleasant for family affairs. Senior members of the family will have misunderstandings and this will affect the harmony of the family surroundings. Children will not be able to do well in their studies or sports activities. You should devote more time to bring the situation under control and take care of the future of children.


Libra Health Predictions

November Libra 2020 horoscope predictions for health are very much delightful. No serious health issues are likely. Even existing chronic ailments will be under control. Small health problems can be taken care of by routine medical assistance. Do not relax on your fitness and diet routines to maintain your vitality.


Libra Career Horoscope

2020 Libra Horoscope is not very much encouraging for professional life. Planetary aspects make the environment at the workplace quite unpleasant. You will have a problem achieving your targets due to the non-cooperation from colleagues and the management. Your success will depend on your ability to establish cordial relationships at the workplace. Travel for professional duties will not be gainful.

Libra Finance Horoscope

2020 November predictions for Libra zodiac finances predicts that financial interests will be prominent this month. You want to achieve financial prosperity at any cost. You are not worried about the challenges on the way. Your personal magnetism attracts money flow.

Social contacts and social organizations will be instrumental in wealth creation. Foreign interests will result in enormous gains. Whatever you have aspired for will materialize on the monetary front.

Libra Education Horoscope

November astrology 2020 for Libra sun sign does not offer any hope to educational development. Planetary aspects make you lethargic and the fire to succeed will be missing. Those appearing for competitive tests will do well to take additional instructions. Engineering students will find it tough to pursue their studies.

Libra Travel Horoscope

November 2020 horoscope for Libra star sign does not predict any material gains from travel activities. There is a possibility of a physical mishap during these travels. There will be both inland and foreign trips. Personal tours with family members will not live up to expectations. Whatever tours you may undertake will result in financial losses. It is advisable to limit your tours or postpone them to a later date.

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