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How To Test My EQ or Emotional Quotient

How To Test My EQ?

EQ is Emotional Quotient otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence Quotient. This is the best measurement of individuals’ skill to monitor their emotions including various issues like controlling their thoughts, activities, demands, and pressures. The main reason behind this measurement is an easy way to identify individuals’ reactions under some circumstances. Emotional Intelligence deals with significant elements that play a noticeable role in routine life. That is why many companies now pay attention to the EQ of their employees and candidates regularly.


Elements Of Emotional Quotient

Among a variety of elements relevant to EQ, the five noticeable elements are the ability to be self-aware, empathy, self-control, enthusiasm, and social skills.

Self-awareness is vital to succeed in this competitive world. Many men and women would like to know how to test their EQ. They have to pay attention to their self-awareness issues comprehensively. They need to be aware of their moods and habits in detail. These people also need to identify how their emotions affect others.


Self-control is an imperative element for a human being. People of all age groups have to think before taking action.

Motivation is the key to success. Every person needs to have some motivation in life.

Empathetic people can listen to others’ emotions and understand how others wish to be treated.

Social skills are very significant in this modern world. This is because of ever-increasing opportunities to meet new people day after day.


Steps To Test Emotional Quotient Successfully

The four ways to test EQ give happiness to individuals with a plan to test them internally.eq

The first and foremost step is to perceive emotions. Once a person starts to recognize emotions through various issues like understanding verbal words and nonverbal signals, he can succeed in his approach to realizing emotions.


The second step is to spend time to promote thinking in detail. Emotions direct a person to prioritize necessary things in the beginning.

The third step is to understand emotions in-depth. This step is necessary because every person understands each issue separately.

The fourth but not the least step is to manage emotions as favorably as possible. Among other vital parts of EQ, managing emotions plays an indispensable role. Emotional management involves the regulation of emotions and proper responses to emotions on time.

Are There Standard Measurements For EQ?

eq or iqEmotions and management of emotions differ from one person to another. That is why no standard measurements are available for Emotional Quotient. On the other hand, some measurements are available to measure EQ. These measurements deal with some emotions comprehensively. For instance, the Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale deals with many tasks to appraise individuals’ ability to distinguish and make use of emotions favorably.

Many emotional intelligence quotients have the same aspects of measurement of individuals’ ability to deal with emotions. People need to answer some EQ questions like how they feel when they need to complete some work within a deadline, whether they like to set a goal to succeed in any task or not, whether they commit mistakes in their line of work or not, and their preference level to keep promises.

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