Thursday, October 6, 2022

Challenge Of Living Two Different Lives

Living Two Different Lives

I am finding that I am living two different lives, or it feels like living in two different worlds, I should say. I live in the physical world of reality where bills are to be paid, homework to be done, dinner to be cooked, and laundry to be sorted. And I live in this metaphysical space where my head feels cloudy, and I could just float on down the street and never get any more homework done or any more dinner cooked.

The challenge is to be balanced and find my center. When I perform a reading and get an immediate image, name, or initial or visual coming to me I used to panic and think, “uh oh….how am I going to explain this when I don’t even know what it means?”

But I have learned no matter how crazy it sounds, and I pass it on to the querent. It could mean something. It could be validation or a connector image connecting me to their energies. And when they validate to me that yes! It does mean something to them.

I always close my eyes as if I just saw something horrible flash before me because it freaks me out. It does. I won’t lie. It generally freaks me out. Then I start to laugh because it validates what I know and what I knew years ago. It validates to me things I was convinced weren’t true by others. It reminds me to trust my guidance, my sight, and my intuition.

But I’m living in between the worlds in two different worlds. The world of reality on this earth plane. And another world that I enter to be able to perform readings and where I pray. No one enters that world with me. It’s just me. It’s the place where I find the truth and the inspiration to be Me.

And it’s the place I need to visit more often so I can remember who I am. This is Me. Just as an Artist finally declares he’s an Artist and no one knew he could paint. Or a Writer debuts her first novel, and everyone is shocked and surprised that she could write.

I still struggle with people’s opinions of what I do in the world of reality. This is what I do. This is part of me. I never knew how hard it would be to live your life so authentically. It takes a lot of courage to be truly you.

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