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10 Health Benefits Of Jaggery

10 Health Benefits Of Jaggery

Jaggery is a brownish or dark brown sugar product that is made from the sap of sugarcane. It is used in cooking, making sweets and cakes. It can also be eaten in its original form. This sweet substance has a collection of health benefits to the human body, here are some of them.

#1. Relieves Period Pain

“That time of the month” can be devastating to some women if not all, the cramping associated with menstruation, hot flashes and moodiness are just but a few issues that women have at that time. When you are experiencing this, take some jaggery and dissolve it in water then drink it. It will relieve pains and PMS cramping easing your menstrual flow and lifting your moods too.

#2. Treatment of Colds & Coughs

There are times we have a cold and or a cough and the syrups and multivitamins take time to cure this ailments. Take some jaggery instead as a home remedy. It will work swiftly on the bacteria that are causing the coughs and colds. Since it does not have any chemical additives, it has a variety of nutrients and minerals that will be replaced in your body boosting your immunity.


#3. Asthma

Asthma is a tasking condition to anyone who has. The attacks can happen anywhere anytime without prior notice. There’s a more natural and easy remedy to treat this condition and this is by using jaggery. Regular intake of this sweet and dark product makes your body develop resistance to the allergies that cause the asthma attack.

#4. Stomach Bloated

Having a bloated stomach is quite uncomfortable, it may inhibit you from carrying out your activities well. Worry not for jaggery will work magic on the gas that is causing the bloating. It will help in relieving your stomach ache.

#5. Digestion

For digestion, jaggery has components that work on the digestive system especially on the enzymes that help in digestion thus increasing the rate of digestion. It also helps in clearing and flushing out impurities from the digestive system.

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#6. Having A Headache?

There’s an easy headache reliever and it’s not expensive. Jaggery will work wonders in curing your headache and leave you feeling relaxed. You have had a rough day at work and you have that horrible migraine, some jaggery will relieve it in no time.


#7. Treats Anemia

Who would have thought that something that is sweet and savory can be used in the treatment and prevention of anemia. Jaggery is a rich source of iron which is needed by the body to produce enough blood. As you enjoy your meal which has some jaggery, know that you are boosting your red blood cells thus keeping anemia away.

#8. Cleansing Your Body

Jaggery can be used in cleaning your whole body system, leaving your blood vessels working well, your nervous system responding well, your muscles and joints being relaxed and carry out their functions well without straining.

#9. Radiant Skin

It’s a joy to walk around having flawless and radiant skin especially the face. By taking jaggery regularly, acne and blackheads will be something of the past. You will achieve that healthy, glowing and spotless skin. Jaggery helps you achieve that healthy wonderful skin.


#10. Boosts Energy

We have those moments that we feel drained and lack energy to carry out different activities, that even when we carry out a simple task we are left feeling tired. You need something that will give you that instant energy boost. Take several bites of jaggery and your body will regain that lost energy that it needs. The good thing is that it does not need to be cooked since it can be eaten as it is and thus saving your cooking time.

The above are just but a few benefits of jaggery, it has immense nutritive value and also has several mineral components in it. Every time you use it in cooking or eat it as it is, know your body is gaining a lot from this sweet delicacy.

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