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Taurus Horoscope 2015 Predictions

Taurus 2015 Horoscope: An Overview – A Look at the Year Ahead

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The Taurus horoscope 2015 predicts that this year will be about embracing a new outlook on the world and strengthening existing relationships. There will be a lot of self-discovery this year, as well as over-coming natural instincts and learning to take a few risks.

2015 will bring a new outlook on the world for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. You have always been able to trust your own intuition and that will be particularly true in 2015. People born in the beginning of this zodiac sign will be under the influence of Mercury Retrograde.

This will be a year where a fresh outlook in life and a positive point of view on life will bring many rewards. 2015 is all about broadening your world view and reaping the rewards of a new positive, outlook on life.

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Taurus Love Horoscope 2015

For many Taurus’s, 2015 will bring an increased focus on relationships. This year will not be so much about making new relationships as it is about strengthening existing bonds. Casual relationships will become more serious in 2015, friendships will deepen and so will romantic relationships.

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Taurus star sign people are fiercely loyal by nature and are deeply devoted to their relationships and it is these qualities that will influence your romantic decisions in 2015. If you are currently single, there could be new romance on the horizon.

Taurus love forecasts for 2015 predict that you may find that you prefer your own company this year and that could lead to a year of serene self-discovery. If you are currently in a relationship, it will likely deepen this coming year, and a new understanding and level of emotional intimacy will be reached.

Taurus Horoscope 2015 For Career

For the average Taurus, 2015 will be a year with a lot of career focus. Taurus sun sign tend to be career driven by nature, often motivated by a love of money and a need for financial security, and this year your career will be very important.

2015 career astrology predictions for Taurus forecasts that it will bring with it an increased pleasure in your work, which in turn will lead to new opportunities. You may feel uncertain about taking these opportunities, particularly if they mean risking your financial security, but careful planning will allow you to take advantage.

Taurus Horoscope 2015 For Finance


Taurus people are known to be frugal with money. This year is no different. You will plan your finances in advance. But do learn to enjoy life a bit at times.

2015 Health Horoscope For The Bull

2015 Taurus health predictions forecast excellent well being throughout the year. Poor hygiene may cause unwanted illnesses.

Taurus Family 2015 Horoscope

Family horoscope 2015 for Taureans predicts that you will be more interested in matters of the world than domestic issues this year. You will be socially very active with friends and family. You will even manage to have some fun in parties and social gatherings.

2015 Taurus Horoscope For Self-Improvement


This is a year for those born under the sun sign of Taurus to look outward. You should attempt to try new things this year and look for inspiration everywhere around you.

The connections you make this year could have surprising benefits. Having a positive attitude will have long-term effects on your life this year and you will see the benefits in both your personal and professional lives.

Taurus 2015 Travel Horoscope

Foreign travel is on the cards. This might be both related to business or just a pleasure trip with friends and family.


Taurus Monthly Horoscopes

Your dedication Taurus, this year to strengthening current bonds could cause some tension or jealousy issues. If you hold tight you should be able to work through them and your relationship should come out of this stronger than ever.

The year should start off relatively quietly in January. You will maintain the right balance between home and career. Finances will improve and your investments will start paying off.


There could be some challenges in the romance department in early February. Health needs more attention. You might have to travel for work. People will look upto your advice.

March will be an excellent month for career, love and personal development. Your ambitions for the coming year will start to get fulfilled this month.

The romantic stress from the early part of the year will become financial stress in April. You will not be able to spend much time with your family. This is not a good month for investments.

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In May you will need to maintain the right balance of work and family. If you neglect either of them, then the other will suffer causing irreparable damages. Despite career opportunities, you will feel very anxious about money in May and this will motivate into making sure that you have your finances in line and that you have a back-up strategy in place career-wise.

June will be a much better month than the previous one for the Bulls. All your financial, emotional and professional challenges will be taken care of.

July will be a good time for the Taurus. Your passion will be at its height during this period and your emotional relationships will benefit from an increased intimacy. Your natural inclination to keep your loved ones close will take over during this period and you will devote yourself to your relationships and this will bring an increased personal happiness that will also have a positive influence career-wise.

August brings with it unlimited freedom in all aspects of life. Money will be good. Health will be excellent and love be pleasurable.

September too will be a prosperous month for the Taurus star sign. Life will be blissful and harmonious.

October brings you new business and jobs that will keep you occupied.

The end of the year could bring more challenged, particularly around mid-November. These challenges will be career-related, but the increased tensions could also have a negative effect on your personal relationships, so be cautious during this period.

In December, career will take on priority over family. Fortune smiles on you.

As the Taurus horoscope 2015 predicts that this year will be about expanding your outlook on the world, make the most of all opportunities that you get. Existing bonds will be strengthened and new prospects will arise.

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