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Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2014

Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2014

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The 2014 Chinese Year of the Horse foretells renewal and change for Rabbit people. There may be completely new beginnings in your future both romantically and in terms of work.

Among the Chinese people traditionally, hope is represented by the rabbit. The moon goddess C hang’e has a pet rabbit, indicating range and speed. The Chinese symbol meaning rabbit forms one of the characters in the term for escape or free-time. So that a child is not be born with a harelip, it is the custom that pregnant women avoid eating rabbit. A joyful and peaceful life for a new one is represented by pictures of rabbits.


Gentle and compassionate, the Chinese Rabbit people do not push themselves forward but are blessed with a good memory. They will often show humor in their method of communicating. Those born under the Chinese Rabbit zodiac sign are easily bored and like to have a little bit of spice in their lives. They are so peaceful that they will turn an enemy into a friend to avoid conflict. While they may enjoy their privacy they also love to have many friends. They may occasionally be a little cross but they work hard and speedily.


Sometimes it will seem the Rabbit animal sign people do not exercise their best judgment. This is one factor that can be a negative for their career, and may reduce their wealth. In general Chinese Rabbits people may look soft but there is an inflexible core at the heart of their being. Since too tranquil a life is not to their taste they tend to be romantics. Sometimes those born under the Year of the Rabbit only skim the surface and so miss some of the finer details. Their apparent aloofness may cost them many opportunities.

The Chinese Year of the Horse 2014 is a time that a Rabbit person may find their soul mate. Your keen intuition will help you make the best decision about love this year. The highest level of love compatibility will be felt with the Chinese Dog or Dragon. You will have little interest in people of the Chinese Rat, Tiger and Rooster signs. You can also take a look at the 2015 Love And Sex Horoscope.

The 2014 Chinese Rabbit horoscope predicts that only the most minor of ailments will affect you during 2014.

In early 2014, investments in land or property will be to your advantage. The monetary returns may not be instant but such an investment will be profitable in the long run forecasts your 2014 money predictions.

In midyear Rabbit people may discover an opportunity for a job change. If you wish to do the best work possible you should select opportunities in your field of specialty. Once again your strong intuition will help you find the correct path.

In the last months of 2014 you may travel with your family outside the country. This should be a very happy time.

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