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Pig Horoscope 2018 Predictions

Pig Horoscope 2018: An Overview – A Look at the Year Ahead

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The pig horoscope 2018 forecasts that this year you will feel more comfortable in your skin, this will make you act more confident which can help you in many different ways. You may also feel more impulsive in this year of the dog as well. You may want to try new things and make changes in your life. Do not fear and take risks.

The future is mysterious, but your 2018 Chinese horoscope doesn’t need to be. The Chinese zodiac works a little differently from the western zodiac that many of us are used to. The Chinese astrology has the twelve different signs that we are used to. But each sign lasts about a year, instead of about a month.


Each of these animal signs is also named after a different animal. The last animal in the Chinese zodiac is the pig or the boar. It is said that all of the animals in the Chinese zodiac were in a race to decide their order, and the pig just happened to come in the last place. However, the pig does have some good qualities to it. Chinese Pig signs are said to be brave, friendly, fair, and loving. You were born in the year of the pig if you were born in any of these years: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007.

Pig Horoscope 2018

2018 Pig Predictions For Love

The 2018 boar horoscope foretells that your love life will be ever changing this year, at least for part of the year. For about the first half of the year your relationships status, no matter what it might be, is likely to stay relatively constant. Issues related to pregnancy and children will be much discussed.


The second part of the 2018 year of the brown earth dog will bring changes for the Chinese pig. You are likely to find out something about your partner that will change your relationship -whether it is a good or bad change depends on what you find out. It will help you, in any relationship, if you are more outgoing and if you tell people what you want out of your relationship with them. It might even have to do with sex. This helps to keep understandings between you and others clear.


Pig, your family members might try to pry into some aspects of your life in 2018. But don’t let them if you are not comfortable with them doing so. Strengthen links with family and friends that you care about, and cut the ones that hurt you in this year of the dog.


Pig Chinese Horoscope 2018 For Career

The 2018 pig predictions foretell that your workload will seem to be lessened this year. It will be much easier compared to last year. You are less likely to be stressed out at work this year than you were last year. Do all of the work that you need to do, and save the rest for when you know that you can handle it.


Pig, make sure that you are friends, or at least act friendly, with your superiors in the Chinese 2018 New Year. This will give you a better chance of advancing later in life.


Pig Horoscope 2018 For Finance

The 2018 Pig horoscope forecasts that your finances should be one of your top priorities this year, especially at the beginning of the year. After the first couple months, you will either have a lot of money to spare or just enough to get by. This all depends on how much extra work you do. Take all of the opportunities for work that comes your way this year. Do not think any task is small or big.


Year Of The Dog 2018 Predictions For Health

The Chinese horoscope 2018 Pig predictions suggest that you will not need to worry about your health much this year. You should be able to stay in generally good health this year as long as you have some regular exercise routine and keep a close eye on your diet. A healthy diet is always beneficial for your long-term good health.

Pig 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

January 2018 will be a month of luck and fortune for the Chinese pig sign. So a little hard work this month will lead a long way in making your life successful.

February 2018 predictions suggest that you take life at a reasonable pace. Taking on too much on your plate can prove to a cause of anxiety for the pigs.

March 2018 will be a hectic month for the boars on both the personal and professional front. You will need proper time management if you don’t want to fall sick with stress.

April 2018 will be a month when changes will on the cards. You might move into a new home or change your job.

May 2018 is the period when you will be ready to accept the failures in your life.

June 2018 will turn out to be a month of disagreements if you are not careful. Don’t let unwanted arguments spoil your bright future.

July 2018 will be a month when luck will be on your side provided you work hard for it. But do not let yourself get into risky propositions.

August 2018 is the right time for the Chinese pig sign to make the best of new opportunities. Do not let go of such a golden chance.

September 2018 is the period when you will start enjoying the results of your hard work. But do not let that get to your head and keep forging ahead.

October 2018 is a month when the boars will have to keep their emotions in check. Going out of control will only make you end up having losses.

November 2018 will be the month when everything will get better in the lives of the Chinese pig sign.

December 2018 is a month when you will need to keep working hard on your relationships and projects.

Pig 2018 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

The Feng Shui forecasts for 2018 for the Pig sign shows that there will unexpected increase in wealth.

The pig horoscope 2018 predicts that this year will be different from last year in many ways. Your path this year is a series of opposites or a year of extremes. Everything that happens this year will depend entirely on your actions. Only you can make this year great or terrible. Take all of the opportunities that you see fit this year. Don’t pass up anything good and try to solve all of your problems right away. By doing this, you can have a great Chinese 2018 lunar year. Being positive is the key to all your problems.


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