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Chinese Pig Horoscope 2014

Chinese Pig Horoscope 2014

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For those born under the Pig, in the Chinese Year of the Horse 2014, there will be a sense of balance. Monetary matters and health will stay stable. But there may be some imbalance in the areas of work and relationships.

The Pig is often seen as the closest animal to the Chinese Dog in brightness, and since they love their food and napping, they often become plump. For this reason many of us think of the Pig zodiac people as  awkward and lazy. Yet they are scavengers and can produce things of value from garbage, and so can bring monetary gain to their owner. The older Chinese people, consider the pig as a symbol of financial success.


Chinese astrology Pig sign people are well mannered, a little blunt and very honest. They are  inclined to choose their own direction using their personal strengths. The Chinese zodiac pig is a  person that you must know as a friend and be aware of his good nature. They are not warriors but they may on occasion flare-up briefly.

If there is dissension they will take appropriate action usually by mediating the situation. Pig people like to be in the most honest environment possible and expect the same degree of honesty from those around them. People that they care for are treated with respect and affection. Also take a look at the Chinese Horoscope 2015.


Because it is a part of their nature to be honest, the Chinese Pig animal sign people may have a limited view of someone who is not acting honestly. Their loyalty to friends is the absolute but their circle may be small. It is not uncommon for a Pig person to act impulsively and their temperament may be a little short in the bargain. They do not always express their thoughts clearly. If a Pig plays a practical joke it is possible that the situation could get out of hand.

The 2014 Chinese Pig Horoscope predicts that the situation at work in 2014 will be exceptionally pressured. This will cause all other concerns including your love life to be secondary in your life. It is predicted that you may either begin a new endeavor or change positions this year, and it is in August and September that the search will be auspicious. Any ongoing projects should be completed and accolades will be given to you.

There may be a cost involved in settling a long-standing dispute over property forecast your 2014 Chinese astrology predictions.

At a major celebration within your family you may well meet your life partner. This person will likely be born under either the Chinese Rabbit or the Ram. If you are involved with a person born under the Chinese snake or monkey during 2014 it may lead to a dispute.

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