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May 2016 Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus May 2016 Horoscope

May 2016 Taurus Horoscope predicts that domestic concerns and emotional happiness will be predominant over finance and professional matters. Your efforts in life will be fully encouraged by your loved ones and there will be harmony in family relationships.

You are striving hard to prop up the image of yourself as well as the family. Your emphasis on spirituality may lead you to spiritual destinations and discourses.


Planetary strength is concentrated in the Eastern independent half of the horoscope for the Taureans in May 2016. You are not dependent on others and others will toe your line if you assert yourself.

taurus may 2016 horoscope

Taurus Career May 2016 Horoscope:


The May 2016 Taurus predictions foretell that you will be involved in large business and job projects during the month.

This will drain out your vitality. It is time to guide your life in the direction you want and keep personal ambitions in the forefront.

Taurus May 2016 Astrology Forecasts For Finance:

Archetypal Astrology

Date of Birth:

Monetary situation is excellent throughout May 2016 for the Bulls and will be more so after the 20th. Real estate deals will be highly profitable after the Mercury retrograde.

Family and family circles will provide opportunities for financial improvement. Your skill with money will be exceptional during the first week, but will be murkier after the second week due to planetary dignities.

You can boost your finances by paying attention to your self-confidence and personal image. You will be extremely large-hearted during the first two weeks of the month and will contribute liberally for humanitarian causes.


Taurus May 2016 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts:


The Taurus love astrology forecasts for May 2016 foretell that single Taureans may find romantic opportunities at work or in friends.

Love will be more passionate and sex for Taurus will be gratifying. Current marriage relationships will face challenges and lot of unpleasantness will prevail. Strong love will stand the test of time in May 2016.

2016 May Health Astrology Predictions For The Bull:

Taurus health will be delicate due to stress created by profession or business activities in May 2016. Emotional health will be important if you have to face the realities of life. No radical changes in fitness and diets should be made after the mid of the month.

To conclude, the Taurus May 2016 horoscope forecasts a period of domestic bliss.

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