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Leo Love Horoscope 2016

Yearly Leo Love Horoscope 2016

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2016 Leo Love Horoscope foretells that love in 2016 will be exhilarating for the Lions, but precarious and unsteady due to planetary influences. You will be perplexed by the happenings in love this year. Love partnerships will suddenly change and the Lions will alternate between hope and despair.


The Leo in love will be highly obsessive, innovative and accessible. Relationship with children will be frosty because of your authoritarian attitude. Relationship with your soul mate will be more passionate and imaginative. Your instinct will be active, and you will be responsive to the feelings of your romantic partner.

Leo Love Forecasts 2016 For New Relationships


There is a tendency for the Leo zodiac sign to look for new things in their romantic relationships. You want to try out unusual methods to improve your bond. The ultimate goal in 2016 will be to achieve a blissful relationship.

You will be attracted to dating unusual people this year. They may be creative people, psychics, lyricists or writers. People engaged in charitable activities, entertainment industry or technical fields will catch your attention. You might even end up dating a single mom or dating a single dad.

Leo friendships are to be found in social circles, community functions or through friends. Dating on the Internet, spiritual gatherings, science exhibitions are other sources for finding your romantic partner in 2016.

2016 leo love horoscope

2016 Leo Love Predictions For Present Relationships

Romantic Compatibility

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Dedicated Leo relationships will become scarce and love is highly volatile during the 2016 Mercury retrograde. Love is continuously changing and you have to accept it and move on. Leo, too much of obsession with your lover will be detrimental to the alliance and you have to accept the continuous transformations in your romantic life.

You will be able to pick and choose your love mates during the month of July as you will have abundance of opportunities. August will see serious conflicts in relationships and you should be generous in solving the problems.

The 2016 love astrology predictions foretell that September 2016 will prove to be a thorny period for Leo friendships. During 2016, you should be peaceful and have harmonious relationship with people in order to have a pleasant life. It is important to nurture your relationships rather than being stubborn and arrogant and create conflicts.


2016 Marriage Predictions For The Lion

In the month of January 2016, you will be ardent in love with your partner and may indulge in travel with your soul mate to finalize your marriage plans. In case you are married with children, you will take care to instruct them regarding the values of life.


Relationship of Leos with friends and business associates can be bitter and may result in break-ups. Friendships and marital relationships may be subjected to undue stress.

Leo 2016 Sex Horoscope

Leo, your love life in 2016 will be sexually exciting and fervent. There will be a repetition of the romantic events in December 2016. Month of January will be very sexually adventurous and life can be tempestuous. You will be more impetuous, highly critical and very frank from February to May 2016.

Leo Love Compatibility 2016


In the beginning of April 2016, love compatibility for the Leos will start hesitantly, but will become more passionate by the end of the month. New relationships will be difficult in the month of May. Current partnerships will start blooming. The month of June will be excellent for affections and love will be quite pleasant.

Love will be emotional during October 2016, while November is favorable for single Lions to get into new love relationships.


The Leo love horoscope 2016 predicts that love can be found in social company towards the end of 2016. You may plan for a vacation with your partner to enhance your romance.

The Leo 2016 love forecasts suggest that relationships of single Leos will move to the next level. Socially things will improve in 2016 for the Lions. You are striving to make your partnerships better whenever you feel there is stagnation.

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