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July 14 Famous Birthdays

July 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 14 are likely to be straightforward but fascinating and friendly people. These Cancer personalities might be caught fantasizing a lot. They are more thoughtful and more liberated than most other people born under this zodiac sign.

The July 14 famous celebrities adore taking the train as a means to travel. It’s so easy for them to strike up conversations with everyone especially those that are not from around their neck of the country. There’s nothing better than them discovering a new friend from a faraway place so that they can compare mental notes. Nonetheless, they like time to be by themselves to ponder this thoughts and images.


Famous people born on July 14 also like to have a person to share these ideas with… someone who is amusing, motivated and clever. But don’t pull your net in too soon as you will lose this Crab. Putting restrictions on them can be hard to do. Talking about restrictions, they could use an exercise program to keep them fit and fabulous. Stay away from the sweets but especially the alcohol.


Famous people born on July 14th are generally instinctive and have a way with words. Usually very open and honest, they have the ability to see all sides of a situation.


July 14 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 July Good Traits:

  • Sociable
  • Realistic
  • Rational
  • Nurturing
  • Focused
  • Smart
  • Funny
  • Intuitive

14 July Bad Traits:

  • Unpredictable
  • Obsessive
  • Inattentive
  • Indifferent
  • Spendthrift

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July 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abel Fernandez, 1930, TV Actor
Abigail Adams Smith, 1765, Family Member
Adam Johnson, 1987, Soccer Player
Ainura K., 1999, YouTube Star
Alberto Crane, 1976, MMA Fighter
Alex Faciane, 1989, YouTube Star
Alex Midler, 1998, Skateboarder
Alex Perry, 1984, Screenwriter
Alexis Sky, 1994, Model
Alley Baggett, 1973, Model
Altuna Sejdi, 1985, World Music Singer
Andy Newmark, 1950, Drummer
Angelique Kidjo, 1960, Soul Singer
Anna Maria Bligh, 1960, Politician
Anne Hegerty, 1958, TV Show Host
Anthony Evans, 1978, Pop Singer
Anya Hindmarch, 1968, Fashion Designer
Aqeel Ahmed, 1987, Director

ArtuxCreed, 1985, YouTube Star
Aryana Sayeed, 1985, World Music Singer
Ash London, 1986, Radio Host
Ava Fiore, 1980, Blogger
Backseat Goodbye, 1986, Folk Singer
Bankroll PJ, 2010, Instagram Star
Barbara Turner, 1936, Movie Actress
Bebe Buell, 1953, Model
Ben Silbermann, 1982, Entrepreneur
Benjamin Bigger, 1999, YouTube Star
Bergen Williams, 1959, Soap Opera Actress
Bibi Bourelly, 1994, Pop Singer
Billy Kyle, 1914, Pianist
Blind Joe, 1983, Country Singer
Bobby Despotovski, 1971, Soccer Player
Bonnie Sveen, 1988, TV Actress
Brandon Stastny, 1987, Bassist

Brent Metcalf, 1986, Wrestler
Brian Keith, 1989, Pop Singer
Brian Selznick, 1966, Illustrator
Brighton Zeuner, 2004, Skateboarder
Bruce Oldfield, 1950, Fashion Designer
Bunji Garlin, 1978, Reggae Singer
Camryn Magness, 1999, Pop Singer
Chad Faust, 1980, TV Actor
Chance Phelps, 1984, War Hero
Charly Bell, 1988, R&B Singer
Cho Jun-hyuk, 1960, Politician
Chris Villain, 1992, YouTube Star
Christian Cantelon, 1995, YouTube Star
Chuck Vinson, 1956, Director
Connor Brown, 1994, Hockey Player
Conor McGregor, 1988, MMA Fighter
Cornelia Parker, 1956, Sculptor
Cyril Rioli, 1989, Australian Rules Footballer
Dale Robertson, 1923, Movie Actor
DallasK, 1995, DJ
Dan Reynolds, 1987, Rock Singer
Dan Smith, 1986, Rock Singer
Darrelle Revis, 1985, Football Player
Dave Brytus, 1986, Football Player
David Mitchell, 1974, Comedian
David Moreno, 1989, Pop Singer
David Morgan, 1872, Rugby Player

David Starzyk, 1961, TV Actor
Dawson Dunbar, 1999, Movie Actor
Deborah Mailman, 1972, TV Actress
Del Reeves, 1932, Country Singer
Digby Ioane, 1985, Rugby Player
Dima Khatib, 1971, Journalist
Dmitry Chaplin, 1982, Dancer
Dolly Castro, 1984, Instagram Star
Donald Meek, 1878, Movie Actor
Elena Gant, 1987, Reality Star
Elena RonroLove, 1994, YouTube Star
Elif Khan, 1997, Dancer
Elise Gatien, 1988, TV Actress
Elli Ingram, 1993, R&B Singer
Elspeth Eastman, 1989, Voice Actor
Eric Laneuville, 1952, TV Actor
Erica Blasberg, 1984, Golfer

Erika Prevost, 1998, Dancer
Eugene Allen, 1919,
Franklin Graham, 1952, Religious Leader
Freddy Amazin, 1997, Vine Star
Gail Mancuso, 1958, Director
Gary Oliver, 1995, Soccer Player
Gaspar Octavio Hernandez, 1893, Journalist
George Smith, 1980, Rugby Player
Gerald Ford, 1913, US President
Gerhard Lange, 1916, Movie Actor
Gilbere Forte, 1987, Rapper
Gordon Woods, 1952, Scientist
Gustav Klimt, 1862, Painter
Halil Mutlu, 1973, Weight Lifter
Harold Wheeler, 1943, Composer
Harry Dean Stanton, 1926, Movie Actor
Honor Carter, 1982, Field Hockey Player
Howard Webb, 1971, Referee
Hwang Sun-Hong, 1968, Soccer Player
Ida Maria, 1984, Rock Singer
Igor Andreev, 1983, Tennis Player
Ingmar Bergman, 1918, Director
Irving Stone, 1903, Non-Fiction Author
Jackie Earle Haley, 1961, Movie Actor
Jaime Gomez, 1975, Rapper
James Vaughan, 1988, Soccer Player
Jamey Johnson, 1975, Country Singer
Jane Lynch, 1960, TV Actress
Jasmine Brown, 1995, YouTube Star
Jed Madela, 1980, Pop Singer
Jeff Jarrett, 1967, Wrestler
Jeremy Lane, 1990, Football Player
Jerome Lawrence, 1915, Playwright
Jerry Rubin, 1938, Civil Rights Leader
Jim Gordon, 1945, Drummer
Jimena, 1980, Pop Singer
Joe Keenan, 1958, Screenwriter
Joe Young, 1889, Songwriter
Joel Silver, 1952, Film Producer
John Chancellor, 1927, News Anchor
John Howe, 1920, Religious Leader
Juan Carlos Tourino, 1944, Soccer Player
Juan Pablo Jaramillo, 1993, YouTube Star
Julia Somerville, 1947, News Anchor
Kanaka, 1973, Movie Actress
Karel Gott, 1939, Pop Singer
Karen Hardy, 1970, Dancer
Katherine Fugate, 1965, Screenwriter
Katrina Norman, 1985, TV Actress
Kazushi Sakuraba, 1969, MMA Fighter
Keelan Dadd, 1988, Skateboarder
Keith Ferrazzi, 1966, Business Executive
Ken Dyers, 1922, Entrepreneur
Kenneth R Miller, 1948, Scientist
Khalil Fong, 1983, Pop Singer
Kyle Gass, 1960, Rock Singer
Kylie Rae Hall, 1992, Instagram Star
Laurieann Gibson, 1969, Choreographer
Lee Elder, 1934, Golfer
Lee Kwang-soo, 1985, TV Actor
Lee Mead, 1981, Stage Actor
Leonard Garcia, 1979, MMA Fighter
Lewis Neal, 1981, Soccer Player
Lincoln 3Dot, 1987, Reggae Singer
Lino Ventura, 1919, Movie Actor
Linus Bruhn, 1998, Pop Singer
Louise Bjerre, 1998, YouTube Star
Lucas Giolito, 1994, Baseball Player
Mahnoor Baloch, 1970, TV Actress
Maksim Kanunnikov, 1991, Soccer Player
Manuel Pangilinan, 1946, Entrepreneur
Marcus Borgersen, 1996, Pop Singer
Margaret Pomeranz, 1944, TV Show Host
Margus Hunt, 1987, Football Player
Mark Lomonaco, 1971, Wrestler
Marshall Plumlee, 1992, Basketball Player
Martha Coakley, 1953, Lawyer
Martha Mansfield, 1899, Movie Actress
Martina Hill, 1974, TV Actress
Mathias Ntawulikura, 1965, Runner
Matina Stevis, 1984, Journalist
Matthew Fox, 1966, TV Actor
Matthew Lyon, 1749, Politician
Mattias Ekstrom, 1978, Race Car Driver
Maulana Karenga, 1941, Entrepreneur
Maureen O’Boyle, 1963, TV Show Host
Max Becker, 1993, Bassist
Maxine Peake, 1974, TV Actress
Michael Loftus, 1969, Comedian
Mike McFarland, 1970, Voice Actor
Milow, 1981, Pop Singer
Mira Mihelic, 1912, Novelist
Missy Gold, 1970, TV Actress
Monika Sta. Maria, 1991, Instagram Star
Morgaro Gomis, 1985, Soccer Player
Moshe Safdie, 1938, Architect
MowtenDoo, 1989, YouTube Star
Nancy Olson, 1928, Movie Actress
Natalie Ludwig, 1995, Model
Natasha Oakley, 1991, Instagram Star
Nick Andrisin, 1991, Star
Nick McCabe, 1971, Guitarist
Nikolai Kulemin, 1986, Hockey Player
Nilmar, 1984, Soccer Player
Nina Siemaszko, 1970, TV Actress
Northrop Frye, 1912, Philosopher
OhTekkers, 1998, YouTube Star
Olive Borden, 1906, Movie Actress
Ossip Zadkine, 1890, Sculptor
Owen Wister, 1860, Novelist
Pal Benko, 1928, Chess Player
Patrick J Kennedy, 1967, Politician
Paul Methric, 1973, Rapper
Peggy Parish, 1927, Children’s Author
Peta Murgatroyd, 1986, Dancer
Peter Stadlen, 1910, Composer
Pierre Joris, 1946, Poet
Polly Bergen, 1930, Movie Actress
Princess Victoria of Sweden, 1977, Royalty
Pui Fan Lee, 1971, TV Actress
R Sarathkumar, 1954, Movie Actor
Rani Hamid, 1944, Chess Player
Ranj Dhaliwal, 1976, Novelist
Rob Brantly, 1989, Baseball Player
Robbie Maddison, 1981, Motorcycle Racer
Robert Overmyer, 1936, Astronaut
Robert Stephens, 1931, Movie Actor
Robert Thornton, 1978, Horse Jockey
Robert Tonner, 1952, Fashion Designer
Robin Olds, 1922, War Hero
Robin Ventura, 1967, Baseball Player
Rolando McClain, 1989, Football Player
Ronald Sukenick, 1932, Novelist
Roosevelt Grier, 1932, Football Player
RossBoomSocks, 1993, YouTube Star
Ryan Sweeting, 1987, Tennis Player
Saira Choudhry, 1989, Soap Opera Actress
Samir Handanovic, 1984, Soccer Player
Sanam Baloch, 1986, TV Show Host
Sara Canning, 1987, TV Actress
Savannah Rose Neveux, 1989, Blogger
Scott Porter, 1979, TV Actor
Scott Rudin, 1958, Film Producer
Sean Flynn, 1989, TV Actor
Sean Smith, 1987, Football Player
Serge Gnabry, 1995, Soccer Player
Sergei Ignashevich, 1979, Soccer Player
Shabazz Napier, 1991, Basketball Player
Shane Roller, 1979, MMA Fighter
Shane Van Boening, 1983,
Shuhmeeka, 1987, Vine Star
Sid Haig, 1939, Movie Actor
Simon Merrells, 1966, TV Actor
Sisavang Vong, 1885, Royalty
Sonja Kastl, 1929, Dancer
Stan Shaw, 1952, Movie Actor
Stephanie Pappas, 2000, YouTube Star
Stephen Mitchell, 1949, Journalist
Steve Stone, 1947, Baseball Player
Stewart Maloley, 1998, Family Member
Susana Martinez, 1959, Politician
Tadoe, 1995, Rapper
Tameka Harris, 1975, R&B Singer
Ted Koehler, 1894, Songwriter
Teddy Afro, 1976, World Music Singer
Terry Ryan, 1946, Novelist
Tim Hudson, 1975, Baseball Player
Todd Lowrie, 1983, Rugby Player
Tommy Hayden, 1978, Race Car Driver
Travis Haley, 1984, Bassist
Trill Sheik, 1998, Instagram Star
Ty Moss, 1992, YouTube Star
Uladzimir Ignatik, 1990, Tennis Player
Val Avery, 1924, Movie Actor
Vincent Pastore, 1946, TV Actor
Vishal Gondal, 1976, Entrepreneur
Vladimir Kulich, 1956, TV Actor
Wagnney Fabiano, 1975, MMA Fighter
Wallace Jones, 1926, Basketball Player
William Braunstein, 1972, Rapper
William H.T. Bush, 1938, Family Member
William Hanna, 1910, Cartoonist
Woody Guthrie, 1912, Folk Singer
Zac Mann, 1997, Vine Star
Zita Johann, 1904, Movie Actress

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