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Gemini Love Horoscope 2016

Yearly Gemini Love Horoscope 2016

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2016 Gemini Love Horoscope predicts that the presence of planet Venus in the House of Love and Relationships during the beginning of the year 2016 is beneficial for relationships and marriage.

Movement of planet Mars in the same house in your birth chart and the 2016 Mercury retrogrades at the end of the year will result in abrupt and unforeseen transformations and separations, breakups or divorce for Gemini relationships.


Gemini Love Forecasts 2016 For New Relationships


Single Twins will be presented with plenty of romantic opportunities in 2016. Love is found while dating friends and social connections. You will try to nurture your relationships. Some of the relationships may end up in marriages.
Gemini, the way you find your lover during the year will be diverse.

During the beginning of the year, romantic partners are to be found in the professional environment among colleagues or seniors. After February, you can look for love in social or professional meetings. From June to October 2016, religious meetings and humanitarian activities will be a source of love.

Love will come about abruptly for the Gemini during February to June and from November to December 2016. Relationships may fade away after the initial euphoria if you get into relationship with a difficult personality and result in a breakup.

2016 gemini love horoscope

2016 Gemini Love Predictions For Present Relationships

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The 2016 love horoscope for the Gemini zodiac sign also forecasts that as planet Pluto is in your house of love and relationships during the whole of 2016. This will be instrumental for turbulence and obsession in love. You tend to form relationships with highly radical and envious types. Gemini will change their partners often and break-ups of existing partnerships are possible.

Influence of Jupiter is seen in the way of Gemini love relationships during 2016. During January and February 2016, your soul mate will be career oriented. After that your partner will be more interested in friendship than love. Romance for the Gemini in love is coupled with independence for both of you. From July to November 2016 your partner is romantic as well as religious.


2016 Marriage Predictions For The Twins

Saturn will be ruling the House of Family during the first four months of 2016. This may result in undesirable happenings during this period. In October 2016, there is a likelihood of additional compatible relationships for the Gemini in love.


Twins looking for second marriage will have a cheerful and thrilling life during 2016. Relationships will happen swiftly and without reason. But they may not be steady and separations are common. Any idea of marriage should be taken with due consideration suggest the 2016 Chinese horoscopes.

If you are looking for a third marriage, the year provides you with a good opportunity. Your love mate will be cultured, charitable and prosperous and this Gemini marriage compatibility will be romantic and enjoyable.

Gemini 2016 Sex Horoscope

The Gemini sex horoscope 2016 foretells that if you are married, life with your spouse will be satisfactory sexually in bed with strong emotions. Between April and August 2016 you have a tendency to flirt with other partners and this may make your marital life miserable. In the month of May 2016 you will be full of vigor and you will be involved in sports and athletics. This is also a good time for the Gemini couples to plan for a pregnancy.

Gemini Love Compatibility 2016


Love compatibility will be harmonious in the year 2016 for the Gemini zodiac sign. Your spouse will give more importance to love over career, and both of you will spare enough time for each other.

However there will be a power struggle going on between you and your spouse. In a Gemini relationship, both of you will try to transform the other person to your vision of an ideal lover. In the end there will be radical modifications in the attitudes of both the partners.


The Gemini 2016 love astrology predictions suggest that during the last part of July 2016 and you have to be patient while dealing with your partner. In the month of October, Gemini zodiac people should devote more attention to your children and guide them properly. You have to be diplomatic with your lover and understand their feelings in 2016.

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