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Dragon Horoscope 2018 Predictions

Dragon Horoscope 2018: An Overview – A Look at the Year Ahead

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The Dragon horoscope 2018 forecasts that you will feel more impulsive this year than you have felt in past years. This will make your year much more dynamic and exciting, but it can also lead the way to risk. But if you are careful, you can come out a winner.


Many opportunities will come your way this year as well. Your year will be molded by which opportunities you take, and which ones that you pass up. Work on improving yourself this year 2018 of the brown earth dog and try to stay as optimistic as you can whenever you can.

There are many differences between the Chinese zodiac and western zodiac. In Chinese and western astrology, there are twelve signs, but in Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign lasts for a whole lunar year instead of about a month like western astrology.


In western and Chinese cultures, some things are symbolized differently. For example, in the western world, we see dragons as frightening and evil creatures. In Chinese symbology, Dragons are lucky, king-like, and even an important sign.

If you were born in any of these years, then you fall under the year of the dragon: 1942, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 or 2012. You are said to have the same traits as the wise and noble dragon. These characteristics can both help you and hurt you when it comes to your Chinese 2018 horoscope.

Dragon Horoscope 2018

2018 Dragon Predictions For Love

The 2018 Dragon horoscope forecasts that you are more likely to attract beautiful people to yourself this year. If you are currently single, then this is great news! If you are currently in a relationship, then it might be difficult to avoid temptation at times.


While it is likely to be more fun to be impulsive and have many short and sexually passionate relationships this year, dragon, you will be happier if you have a steady and ongoing relationship. This is the only place where you can feel fully connected to another person. The Chinese dragon sign needs more than passion and sex in their relationships to be happy in 2018. This might also be a good time to get pregnant.


Dragon, your family will be more involved in your life than normal this year. They will want you to hang out with them and your friends more this year. They are likely to put some added pressure on you, but this is pretty normal for most families. They may cause some conflict in your life in the Year of the Dog, but it’s nothing that you can’t deal with.


Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2018 For Career

The Dragon horoscope 2018 predicts that there will be a sort of uncertainty in your workplace this year. Anything goes! It might be hard for you to get used to this new freedom, but if you work with it right then, it may even help you to advance within your career.

Dragon, try to keep your work-life as balanced as possible. Do your best not to be impulsive at work or your business. Feel free to share some of your creative ideas, but focus on your work and assigned projects as well. Be friendly with your coworkers and bosses and things should flow easily at work.


Dragon Horoscope 2018 For Finance

The Chinese 2018 Dragon predictions suggest that if you work hard on your projects, then you are sure to make some extra money this year. You may have impulsive urges to spend your money like crazy, but you need to make sure that you have the extra cash to do it. You will be happier spending money on the people that you care about, rather than on yourself. Read more about Chinese dragon symbolism.


Year Of The Dog 2018 Predictions For Health

The Dragon 2018 horoscope predicts that your muscles are likely to feel stronger this year, so it’s a good idea to work out to keep up this feeling. This is an ideal year to join a sport or other group. Make sure to work on relieving your stress, or else it may cause you to become ill. Make sure to set aside some time for you to relax on your own as well. Taking care of your health is essential this year. Do not neglect even the smallest of illnesses.

Dragon 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

January 2018 will be a challenging month for the Dragons with many changes. You might need to relocate. Or you might begin new relationships.

February 2018 is when you should relax and not be upset by the happenings. You might be working very hard. But the output might not be what you expected.

March 2018 might be a month when a few misunderstandings can ruin your mental health. You need to have a positive frame of mind and move forward.

April 2018 too will be a month when your work life will interfere with your personal life. Learn to deal with problems with a calm mind.

May 2018 is the month when the good health habits of the Dragon sign will work in their favor. Everything in life requires the right balance.

June 2018 predictions for the Dragon ask you to go on as you are working towards successfully fulfilling your life goals.

July 2018 is a month when you need to start planning your career, love life and financial planning for your future.

August 2018 will be an excellent month for the Chinese Dragon sign. New opportunities will come knocking on your door.

September 2018 will be a period when obstacles will arise in your life. But you can solve them with an optimistic attitude.

October 2018 will be a month when you will find your soulmate and a job of your choice.

November 2018 is a period when the good luck continues. You will be successful in everything that you aim for in life.

December 2018 will be a comfortable period when you can plan for the coming Chinese New Year.

Dragon 2018 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

The Feng Shui 2018 predictions for the Dragon sign forecast a slightly tricky year when it comes to managing finances. Do not spend more than what you have in your pocket.

The Chinese horoscope 2018 Dragon foretells that this year will seem strange when compared to the past years, but if you can handle change well, then you should be able to have a nice year. Make sure that you keep yourself social and active this year. This will cause you to be happier and healthier in general. Work hard while you are at work, but relax with your friends and family when you have some time off. Always remember to keep improving yourself, and you can spoil others once you are done taking care of yourself.


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