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Dating A Germaphobe: 8 Things To Know

8 Things To Know Before Dating A Germaphobe

We all hate germs, don’t we? But isn’t it so annoying when people take extreme measures to prevent attracting germs? Some people refuse to have handshakes with others or touch a doorknob just because they are germs conscious. Gosh, this is extreme! Can someone please tell such people that they are not just “Germaphobes” but suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder? Germaphobes have less emotional toughness to deal with germs and dirt, which makes it difficult to date a Germaphobe. Here are things to know when dating a germaphobe.

Some known germaphobes are former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and Howard Hughes. Saddam Hussain ordered his visitors to strip and wash with an anti-bacterial soap before coming close to him. This is very absurd.

Dating A Germaphobe: Things To Look Out For

1. They Think Differently

Yes, they have an entirely different opinion and understanding of how harmful germs can be. It is not their fault, but they take such things personally. Anything they learn about germs consumes them, making it difficult to overlook.

2. Obsessed with Cleaning

Germaphobes are obsessed with cleaning and always strive to achieve a dirt-free surrounding. They don’t mind cleaning a place repeatedly within an hour because the slightest dirt they see causes internal panic.

3. Long Hour Bath

A germaphobe can be in the shower for about one hour to wash away presumed germs from the body. They don’t want to see dirt on their skin and may return to the shower if they notice anything dirt on them.

4. They Use a Lot of Bleach if you are dating a germaphobe

To clear or clean all dirt or germs, germaphobes use a lot of bleach. This habit, in a way, adversely affects them and can even result in infections. Their frequent use of bleach causes dry and cracked skin.

5. Spend Time Seeking Information on Germ

Since they don’t want anything to do with germs, they spend much time researching germs. Their primary motive is to explore practical ways to deal with germs. This is why they always employ different methods, making them look strange.

6. Don’t Sneeze or Cough Around them

If you are dating a germaphobe, please don’t go around sneezing and coughing when you are with them. It is either you keep your distance or use a handkerchief. A germaphobe wouldn’t mind making you look like an idiot when you sneeze or cough around them.

Dating A Germaphobe:

7. Don’t Go Near Them When Sweaty

Through their research, they have learned the transfer mode of germs, and one of them is through sweat. So please, to prevent any form of embarrassment, don’t touch them with your sweaty hands.

I mean, don’t even get close to them with your sweat. The best thing to do is shower after your exercise or tedious work before trying to be romantic.

8. You Can’t Change Them

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which the germaphobe falls under, is a lifetime disorder with no cure.

So, any attempt to change such a person would prove futile. All you can do is love and accept them as they are. Empathize with them and be sensitive to their feelings.

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