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Dating A Farmer: 14 Things To Expect

14 Things To Expect When Dating A Farmer

You should be dating a farmer for many reasons, even though it may demand other things and not just dating. As farmers are responsible for producing food for the entire nation, their partners would share some of the responsibilities. Indeed this is not an easy task and comes with several challenges. However, I will share why dating a farmer can be a good idea in this piece.

Perks of Dating A Farmer:

1. They Take Risks

Farmers are risk-takers in diverse ways. Putting seeds in the soil and expecting them to germinate is a considerable risk. What if it does not rain, what if the seeds are bad, what of the crops being infected with a disease or pest coming in to destroy them when it is ready for harvest? There is a lot of risk in farming, especially for crop farmers. However, the farmer will take all these risks without a doubt. If they can take such a risk to invest in a business, which is not 100% guaranteed, they can also take a risk for you.

2. You will get to know more about farming

A farmer would always want to share the developments of the farm with you. Whether it is improving or there are some setbacks. They will also want to educate you on farming, including good weather conditions for planting, using farm tools and equipment, profitable crops, and even market prices. This is a good way of acquiring knowledge in a new field if you are entirely new to farming.

3. They are Hardworking

Waking up early and returning late proves how hardworking farmers are. The job demands hard work and dedication, and anything else could be dangerous to their investment. Like any other businessperson, the farmer expects his investments to yield dividends and work towards achieving them. Even if they have enough laborers, they still involve themselves in the farm work. So you are sure of a hardworking person when you date a farmer.

4. You will learn how to give directions if you are dating a farmer

Aside from learning about what it entails in the agriculture business, you will also learn about landmarks and how to give directions easily. Find out if he is at another farm and calls you to bring him some tools. He might say, I am northwest of the cocoa plantation and need you to get me a cutlass. With this, you would have to locate the north side of the side place to deliver the tool. When this continues for some time, you will find it easy to give directions to others.

5. Most of Your Dates will be on the farm

As a person enthused with nature and always wants to see things grow, it would be a fantastic experience to have a date on the farm. What about you? When dating a farmer, you will have most of your dates on the farm, whether in the tractor or combine harvester. This can be a lovely experience if you are adventurous. This can be the best time to learn how to operate such equipment.

6. He will not always be home on time

This is one of the traits of all farmers, being livestock or crop farmers. The farm business is unpredictable, and so is their life. They can sometimes be home early and late at other times. So if you always want to eat supper with him, be prepared to eat at different times, including very late.

7. Seeds and other small pocket tools will be part of your laundry

We all do forget sometimes, and a farmer is not an exception. He may fail to remove that pocket tool or the remaining seeds from his working gear. You may be required to search his pocket before washing his equipment or be prepared to clean the tool and seeds, especially during planting time. The best thing is exploring the pockets before washing, mainly if you use a washing machine.

8. You may be at Social Events Alone

As I have already noted, farming is an unpredictable business concerning livestock, poultry, or crop farming. You can have an emergency at any point in time. So let’s say you have a social gathering, party, or a date and an emergency on the farm. They will quit the event and instead attend the farm. No one wants to see their investments drain, so you must endure that.

9. You will become very appreciative

Farming is hazardous because it depends on the weather condition, which no one can control. Even if you are into irrigation farming, you will still have to rely on nature. What if it rains every day without sunlight? The crops will surely destroy. This makes farmers very appreciative of Mother Nature. When it rains in its time, and the sun shines, the farmer becomes very happy because there will be a high yield. Being their partner would also make you appreciate nature as to how things get to germinate.

10. They are very Strong People if you are Dating a Farmer

You don’t go into farming and expect to have a jolly ride. Tough times do come, and that only strengthens a farmer. They can have their crops infected with a d disease, poor yields, and livestock and poultry the animals dying like flies. It would only take a strong person to be in such a risky business. The farmer will gather the courage and plant the next season in all these tragedies. If you are not strong enough to go through such an experience, don’t date a farmer.

11. Most of your outings will be business as usual

When you date a farmer, most of your trips or excursions will be just business. It would be checking on new farm equipment, buying farm inputs, or stopping at a shop to window shop on new farm tools. So never expect to be in town without doing anything related to farming.

12. They are Generous

Farmers are very generous. They are always willing to help people out in any way possible. After a bounty harvest, they share some of their farms produce with the poor and needy in society. So if you are greedy and selfish, stay away from the farmer.

13. They are Very Passionate

Farmers are very passionate people and always want to know more about their field of work. He is passionate about learning new farming methods, equipment, and chemicals. Just as he is passionate about his farm business, he would also have a passion for you.

14. They are Conservative

Most farmers are conservative in thinking. They are mainly used to the traditional ways of doing things, including keeping family values. I don’t mean to say all farmers are the same, as individual differences exist.

The above points are just a few things to expect when dating a farmer. Farmers are beautiful personalities and have a lot in stock if you decide to date one. That said, the individuality factor always plays a vital role in dating. Do not expect every person to act in the same way.

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