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Dating A Banker: 8 Reasons You Shouldn’t

8 Reasons You Shouldn’t be Dating A Banker

Dating a banker has become challenging for many, especially women. Bankers are in a very demanding profession with busy schedules. Not all workers in the banking sector are facing challenges in their relationships. I know several bankers who are enjoying better relationships and are happily married. But the question is, how many of them have that luck?

They hardly get time for themselves, so caring for another person may seem arduous. Even though they have a very lucrative job, which highly pays, there are numerous reasons you shouldn’t date a banker. I will settle on just eight of them.

Dating A Banker: A Challenge Or A Walk in the Park

1. Male Bankers Don’t Seem to Have Time for Dating

Men in the banking sector hardly go out for something more serious. They don’t make time for that. Even if they enter a relationship, they don’t usually get serious about it. This is because they are more committed to their job and work success. Any other thing becomes less important to them.

2. Female Bankers can be Intimidating

Unlike men, female bankers strive for success in dating. But it seems they are mostly not lucky in finding a suitor. Their success and high salaries make them feel on top of the world. They are high-pay earners, which makes dating them a little intimidating. Some female bankers try to dominate the relationship because they probably receive high pay than their partners. So if you are a man with a low income, don’t try dating a female banker.

3. They Have Busy Schedules

Bankers have hectic schedules, so they may find it hard to meet their partner’s demands. They are more committed to their clients than they can in a relationship. Running busy schedules from Monday to Friday, with some extending to Saturday banking, they would hardly have time for you. They prefer to use their weekends to ease stress than to engage in other commitments.

4. They Can’t Commit to You if you are dating a banker

Their number one commitment is to their job, and every other thing is secondary. They work long hours in the bank. Some work from 7 am to 8 pm or until they can balance their sheet. Do you want such a person as a partner? A woman dating a banker wouldn’t find this a big deal, but it’s a no-no for men. Who is going to take care of the home?

5. Planned Dates can be Cancelled at any Anytime

Canceling dates wouldn’t be a deliberate thing, but the demands of their job would make it happen frequently. They planned to return home early so you could go on a date. But the unpredictability of the banking sector can keep them at work for long hours. Imagine receiving a call from your partner to cancel a planned date at the last hour when everything is set. This can be very heartbroken, right?

6. They Set Goals and Targets Comes First

We all have goals and aspirations but still find time to date. But to some bankers, the goals and aspirations come first, and others can follow. They usually aspire to reach a certain level in their profession before considering dating and marriage. So, even if he decides to date you, he may want to get that set target before he puts a ring on your finger. I see this as selfishness.

7. Their Job Depends on the Economy

Will I be wrong to say most bankers don’t have a secured job? I am not far from the right because we usually have banks collapsing and workers being laid off. Recently, over 150 bankers were laid off in an African country because the banks went into liquidation. Also, with the growth in technology in the banking field, the human interface is gradually dying off. There is no mobile banking and internet banking, so people can sit in the comfort of their homes and office to transact business. This is reducing the need for bankers.

8. They come home Tired

After that long hour at work, they come home very tired and may need nothing but rest. This can affect your sexual relationship. You may need it, but they don’t have the edge, so what will you do? Just let go! This will gradually wane enthusiasm in the relationship.

You should date a banker for several other reasons, but I settle on these eight. As already mentioned, some bankers have a great dating life. So the above point may not apply to all bankers.

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