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August 2015 Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo August 2015 Horoscope

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August 2015 Leo Horoscope predicts that this month will be spent with family and friends. Career, finance and professional decisions will be put on the back-burner by the Lions in August 2015.

Planetary power is in the Eastern half of the birth chart towards the descendant sign which enables you to follow your own course in life and make independent decisions. Unfortunately planets in your horoscope are not helpful and the growth will be slow.


Leo Career August 2015 Horoscope:

Superiors and colleagues will support the Lions in their career targets in August 2015. You will achieve financial success in both job and business. If you are in search of a job, your family will come to your help.

Jobs are to be found in the neighborhood, so your traveling time to work will be quite less, thus giving you more time with your family.

Leo August 2015 Astrology Forecasts For Finance:


The August 2015 monthly astrology predictions for the Leo zodiac sign foretells that your financial intuition will be powerful this month and whatever you touch will turn into gold.

Earnings will flow effortlessly and you will create enough wealth and good fortune to buy costly items for yourself. All your investments will return handsome profits. So be sure to save for the rainy day!

August 2015 Leo Horoscope predicts that this month will be spent with family and friends

Leo August 2015 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts:

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Lot of partying and celebrations with family members are forecast for August 2015 for the Leos. Singles can find fun in their romantic partnerships. Love will be turbulent and will be without serious commitment.

If you are not sure if you have found your Mr. Right or not, then take some time out to think about it. Sexual relations, pregnancy and children related issues will have a positive outcome.

2015 August Health Astrology Predictions For The Lion:


Health will be fantastic this month in August 2015 for the Leos. Physical fitness can be enhanced by improving your emotional health. This can be done by practicing mindfulness and spiritual healing.


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