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8 Health Benefits Of Neem

8 Health Benefits Of Neem

Neem is a popular herbal remedy that is used around the world to treat different ailments. It is a tree that is found commonly in Southeast Asia and India.

The leaves can be dried or oil can be extracted to use for various conditions. It has many health benefits that help to provide relief from irritation and pain. Here are 8 health benefits of neem.

#1. Helps with Skin Issues

Neem contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that help to keep viruses and bacteria from harming the body. These properties also help to combat infections or diseases of the skin.

neem leavesIt helps to clean out wounds in the skin that may become inflamed and try to spread. It also helps to clear up acne and eczema by slowly removing and diminishing spots on the skin. It also helps to strengthen skin cells as well as multiply while removing dead skin cells.

#2. Fights Dandruff & Lice

Neem is a natural home remedy that helps to clean and keep the hair free from dandruff and lice. It helps to sink deep into the scalp to wash away all foreign entities.

It also helps to soak the hair to kill lice that may try to multiply on hair follicles. It also helps to relieve dryness that may occur from sun exposure. It also stops the itching sensation from lice that infect the head.


#3. Purifies Blood

Neem also helps to remove toxins and bad radicals from the blood. It detoxifies the bloodstream by making sure that oxygen is absorbed into the blood while removing bad entities.

It also supports the blood by making sure that it circulates oxygen throughout the body while making sure that nutrients are taken from it.

neem flowers

#4. Kills Viruses

Neem is a home remedy that works especially well against viruses that try to attack the body. The leaves from neem help to bring viruses to it so that it can be absorbed and killed. It also helps to make sure that the virus does not spread or try to harm other parts of the body. It also helps to make sure it does not return by providing a much needed barrier.

#5. Contains Anti-Fungal Properties

Neem is a natural home remedy that also contains antifungal properties that help to make sure that fungus does not attack the body. It helps to fight fungus that gets under the nails, Candida, and yeast infections. It stops inflammation from causing the area to swell and expand. It also helps to alleviate irritation that may cause discomfort.

#6. Promotes Heart Health

Neem helps to make sure that the heart is constantly getting blood. It also helps to make sure that blood is circulating correctly throughout the body without any congregation in one spot.

It also helps to make sure that heart beats are constant and not irregular. It also helps to make sure that blood pressure is under control.

healthy heart

#7. Cleans Your Mouth

Neem also helps to maintain proper oral health. It cleans the mouth out from bacteria and any disease that tries to compromise it. It also helps to stop cavities from forming as well as removing plaque. It helps to heal gums that are deteriorating or receding. It also produces a fresher breath as it eliminates bacteria that is producing bad breath.

#8. Helps Clean the Intestines

Neem also helps to make sure that your intestines are in tip top shape. It makes sure that no bacteria or bad radicals are harboring inside while clearing it of excess waste. It also helps to make sure that no parasites try to grow there such as worms.

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