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6 Health Benefits Of Red Potato

6 Health Benefits Of Red Potato

Here are a few benefits of having red potato in your diet.

#1. Dark Circles

No one likes dark eyes or eyes that have bugs under them or worst of all, those circles that come with age or fatigue and exhaustion. Well, sometimes some people naturally have this and blame it on genes or how they were born. Well this can be eliminated with the help of some red potato.

Simply cut it up in round pieces take some handkerchief, two preferably and place two or three pieces of potatoes in them, then place them on top of your eyes for like ten minute. Take them off and wash your eyes with some warm water. When you do this as regular as you can, you will begin to see how the red potato takes away all the round dark circles from the eyes.

#2. Wrinkles

Do you have wrinkles or are you in a constant fear of getting wrinkled skin? Well, worry not, because with a regular intake of red potato juice you can say goodbye to these wrinkles or better yet forget they even existed at all. Well, if you eat red potato too this can also help to take away the wrinkles from your soft face or any other part of your body. These wrinkles by the way can affect anyone at any age, but they mostly tend to affect elderly people. However this can be avoided with having some red potato in the diet as often as you can.

#3. Sun Burn

We love the sun right? Well, sometimes if we have not protected our skin well, we may end up burning it. Well this is what we call a sunburn. This is not our fault but actually due to the rays of the sun that are too bright. So if you ever come across someone who has been sun burnt or you yourself have been, simply take some red potato and rub it gently on the affected area. If it is cold this can be really great and even be better as it soothes the affected area. It leaves your skin feeling cool and actually heals the affected area almost immediately.

#4. Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? Dry skin means that when you apply lotion on yourself, after a while your skin begins to feel dry. This means that your skin is not well hydrated. Yes. So you can do an easy home remedy of grating some red potato with half a teaspoon of curd.

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Then apply this to your face as a mask, and let it settle without touching it for about ten to twenty minutes. Then take it off by washing it off with some warm water. When you do this regularly you will begin to see your skin moisturized and smooth with no more dryness whatsoever.


#5. Allergies

Sometimes, we live with different kinds of peoples Sometimes we may have pets in our house, like dogs and cats or even chickens and goats.

Basically human beings love to domesticate animals. Now once in a while, because these pets having insects on them, we may begin to have a rash on our bodies not knowing where it came from. Sometimes we maybe having an allergic reaction to something. Well, if you take some red potato that has been peeled and rub it to the affected area, it will help take the rash away, and if this is done, as often as possible, excellent results are guaranteed.

#6. Puffy Eyes

Eye puffiness is not a disease neither is it an ailment but a condition that is brought about by the lack of sleep. Or sometimes, if a person has been crying for a long time, one’s eyes can prove to be puffy. Well, simply take some cucumber and red potato mix/blend them together to form a juice. Rub this on your eyes, especially the part that is puffy and you will begin to see the swelling reduce instantly. If you do this as often as you can, you will certainly get positive results.

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