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6 Health Benefits Of Horseradish

6 Health Benefits Of Horseradish

Horseradish offers very many health benefits for the body, mind and soul.

#1. Sinus Infection

There is nothing as frustrating as having a sinus infection. Sinusitis is when you have mucus accumulated in the sinus. It creates a bad environment for bacteria to live in which causes one to feel a lot of pain. As well, it can cause severe headaches and if very serious, it can even cause one to have trouble breathing too.

So if you know that you are prone to getting sinusitis time and again, simply take a teaspoon of some horseradish in the morning before eating breakfast and in the evening before having diner. This helps give you relief and clears the sinuses. As well, if you suffer from common colds and flus one can use horseradish too to clear it all away.


#2. Urinary Infection

For a woman or man, we all have to be careful where we go to the toilet and how we wipe ourselves after, especially for women and young children. When you do not take care of yourself down there, one is prone to get something called a urinary tract infection. This is very painful, and one of the ways to detect if you have this is when you feel pain when you go to the toilet.

Yes. If you feel pain when your urine is coming out then you have been infected. Worry not, as horseradish is a great home remedy that when taken, helps cure the UTI. And even more often than not, it helps in the cleaning of the kidneys eliminating all possible kidney stones.

#3. Bruises

When we get a bruise on our body we feel pain. We feel a lot of pain. Well this can be helped and pain can be taken away by running some horseradish on to the swollen muscles or bruised body part. See sometimes our muscles can stretch maybe because of an accident or maybe you fell down. Or maybe you carried something heavy that stretched your muscle and mostly when you exercise. When you rub some horseradish on to the affected part it helps in healing the body part and also taking the pain away almost immediately.

#4. Stomach Upset

For those who suffer from stomach upsets when they eat anything, consider including some horseradish to your daily diet because this has been proven to be a very good natural home remedy for stomach aches. If you mix three to four teaspoons of horseradish to a half glass of water in a mixture with some lemon too, and drink like twenty drops of this in between meals you will begin to feel so much better with time in your stomach. This helps relieve the stomach and also takes away indigestion.

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#5. Freckles

So do you suffer from freckles? Yes this can be a tad embarrassing and can also make one feel shy and not want to get out for the house to socialize, especially for young teenagers who are growing up. Well, here is a home remedy that one can try at home. Take some horseradish, oatmeal powder an sour cream, mix these with some warm water until it forms a thick paste then rub it on to your face as you make for a mask. Then after twenty minutes you may wash this off with some warm water. You will begin to see with time the freckles becoming light leaving it smooth and clear.

#6. Better Immunity

We all agree, for everyone whether it’s a child growing up or an elderly person, we all need to have a good immunity. When you don’t have a good immunity you’re prone to diseases like colds and flus. And if you are a victim of these you know that these ailments can slow you down in your day to day life.

So including some horseradish helps in keeping your immunity boosted at all times thanks to the Vitamin C it contains and this also helps to fight all the viral infections one can be exposed to without knowing, especially because we all use public transport at one point or another.

We hope with the above herbal tips you will now begin to use some horseradish for you and your family.

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