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2015 Chinese Horoscope

2015 Chinese Horoscope

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Sunsigns.Org presents to you exclusive Chinese horoscopes for 2015! As you all know, 2015 is the Year of the Green Wood Goat. This year will be extremely lucky for not only the Chinese Sheep zodiac sign but for all the 12 animal signs.

The 2015 Chinese New Year ranges from February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016. Get free 2015 Chinese horoscope predictions for love, relationships, money, health, career and more from below.

Detailed online 2015 Chinese astrology forecasts for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig signs are available right here!

Rat 2015 Horoscope

rat 2015 horoscopeRat 2015 Horoscope predicts that this year will turn out to be a highly profitable year for Rats. They will be able to run through their opposition with no effort. 2015 is Year of the Green Wood Goat and the Sheep is complimentary in an opposing way to the Rat.


Success in business and profession is ensured after hard struggle. Investments in capital assets will be beneficial. Any flawed relationship should be terminated. Rats have a tendency to dominate over other family members. You should also be wary of accidents and injury to the body. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Rat Horoscope

Ox 2015 Horoscope

ox 2015 horoscopeOx 2015 Horoscope predicts that difficult situations require an innovative approach. The Oxen should seek the help of their associates for successful completion of their objectives. 2015 promises to be a highly successful period. Oxen are in for a shock in the Goat year 2015 with major changes in job, business and career with additional duties.


A sudden windfall is expected in 2015 for Oxen. Single people will be able to get into relationships during 2015. You should give up your domineering attitude. Be pleasant with family members. Oxen should devote more time to take sufficient rest. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Ox Horoscope

Tiger 2015 Horoscope

tiger 2015 horoscopeThe 2015 Chinese horoscope promises that the Year of the Green Wood Goat will be a thriving year. This year has a positive influence on the Tiger zodiac sign. Tiger and Ram are highly compatible and this enhances the energy of this Chinese astrology sign.

Year 2015 presents Tigers with a plethora of possibilities for establishing new businesses or expanding their present ventures. They will be able to take all opposition in their stride and emerge victorious. Year of Wood Goat produces powerful emotions and this may induce Tigers to convert their relationships into marriages. You should try to improve your mental health. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Tiger Horoscope

Rabbit 2015 Horoscope

rabbit 2015 horoscopeThe Rabbit 2015 Horoscope predicts that in the Year of the Green Wood Goat, the Rabbits will pursue their artistic talents in music or dance. But you will have to be sensitive to the feelings of other people in order to avoid misunderstandings. Though Rabbits are not inclined towards religion and philosophy, Year 2015 will force them to look at their inner selves deeply.

Partnership businesses in association with people belonging to compatible zodiac signs will thrive in 2015. Prosperity in businesses is forecast. Minor disturbances in relationships are predicted. Rabbit men should be careful about accidents, while no health problems are forecast for the women. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Rabbit Horoscope

Dragon 2015 Horoscope

dragon 2015 horoscopeThe 2015 Chinese Horoscope for the Green Wood Goat Year 2015 suggests that they can achieve whatever they want during the year. The combination of the forces of Dragon and Goat will lead to unlimited strength. Singles will be lucky to find true love if they look in the right places. Dragons could be afflicted with depression, eating disorders and breathing problems this year.


When they take up execution of big ventures, the Chinese zodiac Dragons tend to be hasty. It is imperative that they should approach their objectives in an organized manner to be successful. Dragons may face temporary hold ups and they can overcome these with a composed and determined approach. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Dragon Horoscope

Snake 2015 Horoscope

snake 2015 horoscopeSnake 2015 Horoscope for the Year of Green Wood Goat promises an abundance of opportunities to prosper and achieve. The year will be frantic and Snakes will have to continuously work hard to accomplish their goals. The Year of the Goat 2015 predictions foretell that snakes cannot succeed alone in their objectives. It will be sensible to seek the cooperation of your associates in all business projects.

Snakes are known for their good judgment and people will seek their advice. Snakes tend to be cynical and critical in giving their views. They like to avoid the company of people. This may affect their psychological stability. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Snake Horoscope

Horse 2015 Horoscope

horse 2015 horoscope2015 Chinese Horoscope foretells that you should be prepared to face a hazardous environment while you strive to achieve your objectives in life. Year 2015 promises good growth and development.

The Chinese Horse zodiac sign will have to face plenty of contradictory opinions. This will leave them confused in the execution of their goals. They will become more powerful because of these difficulties. Horses will develop good friendships as well as powerful rivalries in 2015. So be careful of who you are friends with. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Horse Horoscope


Goat 2015 Horoscope

goat 2015 horoscopeYear 2015 is the Year of Green Wood Goat and hence the Chinese astrology Goat or Sheep or Ram will have natural protection from heavenly planets and stars. The 2015 Chinese Horoscope predicts that the mentally fragile Goat will become energetic and enthusiastic during the year. Goat 2015 predictions suggest that Rams will become more courageous and optimistic. This will result in speedy execution of their ventures.

They will be successful in love affairs and will find new partners. The personality of Goats will see a significant improvement as they are forced to deal with different types of people during the year. They will deal with challenging situations confidently. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Goat Horoscope

Monkey 2015 Horoscope

monkey 2015 horoscopeMonkey 2015 Horoscope in the Year of the Green Wood Sheep predicts that there will be plenty of restlessness in their lives. Many ventures will be successful if this changing energy can be channelized to complete them. Concentration is required both in personal and professional if you wish to be successful.

Monkeys should put the interests of other people first rather than being self-centered during the year 2015. Year of Goat will require the Chinese Monkeys to avoid unnecessary struggle and keep their mental balance by turning towards religion and spirituality. You will become famous in social circles. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Monkey Horoscope

Rooster 2015 Horoscope

rooster 2015 horoscopeThe overall perception of the world by Roosters will undergo a sea of change during 2015 – The Year of the Green Wood Sheep as per 2015 Chinese Horoscope. The year will be full of unanticipated and unstable happenings. However Roosters will overcome the challenges with the help of their favorable planets and loved ones.

They will be a part of many social organizations. Contact with different types of people will have a positive effect on the personality of Roosters during the year. They will pursue many hobbies of their interest during their spare time. All their ventures will make profits. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Rooster Horoscope

Dog 2015 Horoscope

dog 2015 horoscope2015 Chinese horoscope predictions for the Dog foretell that you will be loaded with additional responsibilities in your career and you will form new alliances. This year will be demanding with small achievements. Dog 2015 Horoscope foretells that this Chinese zodiac sign will opt for team work during the year 2015 in their professions. They will have to fight for their position in top management.

Friends will seek guidance from them on their problems. Year of the Green Wood Sheep will present many opportunities for Dogs to work for social organizations involved in helping the downtrodden people. An element of jealousy creeps in the relationship between some husbands and wives. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Dog Horoscope

Boar 2015 Horoscope

pig 2015 horoscopeThe 2015 Chinese horoscope foretells that Pigs will be full of optimism and confidence. This is because of the beneficial aspect of the Year of the Goat. This will result in increase of emotional strength and monetary fulfillment. The Chinese Boar zodiac sign will be part of many social organizations and increase their personal and business circle during the year.

The Boar 2015 predictions suggest that they should plan their path to progress meticulously in order to achieve their objectives in life. They will come across a large number of people in their social engagements and permanent friendships should be made after proper scrutiny. They tread into unknown and hostile paths with courage and assurance. Click Here To Continue Reading Full 2015 Boar Horoscope

The Feng Shui yearly forecast for 2015 predicts that overall this will be an excellent year for one and all. Depending on which element you are born under, you might face certain adversities.

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