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10 Health Benefits Of Rose Water

10 Health Benefits Of Rose Water

Rose flower is said to be the king of flowers. It has a pleasant fragrance. It is vastly cultivated in Iran. Rose water is traditionally sprinkled over the guests during wedding and other auspicious occasions as a symbol of love and purity.

Rose water is believed to have a number of medical benefits. It is used as an analgesic; it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial properties and anticonvulsive properties. It has vitamin A, B, E and vitamin C. It also contains flavonoids and therefore it offers a number of health benefits. Some of the health benefits offered by rose water are given in this article.


#1. Throat Inflammation

Rose water is a very effective home remedy in treating throat inflammation. Gargling with rose water helps to relieve throat inflammation as rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial properties. The pain due to inflammation is also reduced due to reduction of swelling and also the analgesic effect of rose water.

#2. Anti Depressant

The sweet smell of rose is a effective mood enhancer. It relieves you of the feeling of anxiety and you tend to have a sense of well-being. This has a relaxing and a de-stressing effect, which makes you sleep better and wake up fresh in the morning.

#3. Digestion

Drinking rose water helps to aid digestion. It promotes digestion and relieves you digestive issues like upset stomach, constipation and bloating. You can mix a spoonful of rose water to a glass of water and add sugar and drink it first thing in the morning regularly.

#4. Common Cold

Rose water is a good natural home remedy to cure common cold. Since it has vitamin C which fights common cold and it can also help to keep flu at bay. Rose water is also beneficial for treating respiratory tract infections because of its bronchodilator effect.

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#5. Anti-Aging

Rose water is known to have anti-aging properties. Drinking rose water regularly will help to reduce wrinkles and lines on the skin. It also helps in lightening dark spots and tightening pores.

#6. Insect Bites

Rose water is a very effective natural remedy in treating insect bites because of its antiseptic qualities. You just have to soak a cotton ball in rose water and place it on the site of the bite. Soak the affected area for a few minutes. You will soon be relieved of the pain, swelling and irritation.

#7. Eczema

Rose water is effective in treating certain types of eczema. Application of rose water on a regular basis helps to relieve you of the ailment. Just soak a cotton ball with rose water and apply it over the affected area. You will find relief from eczema in a few days.


#8. Dermatitis

Among its other benefits rose water is also helpful in treating dermatitis and other skin disorders. Rose water has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which help in the treatment of skin conditions. Soak a cotton ball with rose water and place it on the affected area. Allow it to stay in place for a few minutes. Doing this regularly will relieve you of dermatitis and other skin conditions.

#9. Eye Irritation

Rose water is also effective in treating eye irritation. Its anti-inflammatory properties and antibiotic properties come in handy in treating eye irritation. Just soak a cotton ball with rose water and hold it against the affected eye for a few minutes. You will find relief within a very short time.

#10. Acne

Rose water is one of the most useful natural remedies in treating acne and pimples as well. It is a very good cleaning agent and cleans pores by removing accumulated oil and dirt which is clogging the pores. It thus prevents acne and pimples.

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