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10 Health Benefits Of Pine Nut Oil

10 Health Benefits Of Pine Nut Oil

Pine nut oil is extracted from the nut or the seed of the pine tree. It is mostly used as a salad dressing or in cooking as a final touch topping because it smokes very easily.

Pine nut oil is also used as a disinfectant in cleaning around the home because it is considered as a germ fighting agent. Apart from these three uses of this oil, there are varied health benefits and we will have a look at some of them.

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#1. Peptic Ulcers

We face challenges in life that end up affecting our health and in at times we develop diseases due to these challenges. Pine nut oil has an anti-oxidant that helps in reducing the damage done to our stomach lining that can lead to peptic ulcers.

#2. Lose Weight

Not having enough time to prepare that healthy and delicious home meals has made most of us fast food “slaves” and in the process we have gained so much unhealthy weight. If you want to shed off that excess weight, pine nut oil is what you need in your diet. It contains an agent that helps in stimulating the release of a hormone which suppresses your appetite for long periods of time. Your appetite can be suppressed for up to 4 hours helping you reduce your intake of food.

#3. Aches & Pains

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave one feeling exhausted, with swollen and aching joints and muscles. Pine nut oil contains a strong property that will help relieve those aches and pains and also reduce the swelling. You can the oil in your regular massage oil like olive, coconut oil or almond oil and massage the affected areas or better yet pour some in your hot bathing water.

#4. Nasal Congestion

Pine nut oils is an excellent home remedy for people who suffer from constant chest or nasal congestion like asthmatic people and those who have sinus complications. Pine nut oil can be used to loosen up the mucus that is congesting the pores in your lungs making the passage of air around your lungs easy.

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#5. Eczema

People who have eczema have found the natural remedy for clearing away this skin condition. By applying pine nut oil, the soreness, itchiness and dryness of the skin caused by eczema is treated. The skin is left well moist and soft. Pine nut oil also treats skin conditions like boils and acne.

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#6. Dandruff

Use of different harsh hair products has made our scalp to be affected to the point of us having dandruff. Pine nut oil will help in clearing the dryness of the scalp and also healing it. It will help in opening up the clogged hair follicle pores on your scalp making it moist and retain the necessary oil and will not have to worry about dandruffs anymore.

#7. Lowers Cholesterol

Pine nut oil is good for the heart because it helps in lowering the levels of unhealthy or bad cholesterol which lead to coronary heart disease. This oil has unsaturated fatty acids which help to promote the levels of good cholesterol and thus preventing diseases like stroke.

#8. Immunity

Pine nut oil is a rich source of a collection of minerals. Minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium and zinc. These minerals are needed by the cells in our bodies to help it fight diseases as well as boost immunity.

#9. Digestion

Pine nut oil is excellent for our digestive system; this is how it works. It contains vitamin B6 which acts as a catalyst in the enzymes that help in digestion and thus hastening the digestion process.


#10. Vitamin E

If our house holds appliances need regular servicing to make sure they work well what about our cells? Pine nut oil contains vitamin E that helps in maintaining the integrity of the cell membranes and mucus membranes in our body to make sure that they don’t fail in carrying out their functions.

I believe now you know the amazing quality this pine nut oil which has to your body as well as in making sure your house in germ free. Don’t be left out, try and experience its greatness too.

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