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10 Health Benefits Of Oranges

10 Health Benefits Of Oranges

Orange is arguably the most popular fruit. People find it tasty and it has a very appetizing look and smell. In addition to this it is full of essential things that could provide unmatched nourishment to the body. This fruit is so popular that many soft drink companies don’t forget to cash in on its name.

Mangrove agricultural reports show that orange tree is cultivated more than any other tree all over the world. Orange is basically a citrus fruit. It is immensely beneficial primarily because it is blessed with 170 different types of photochemical and about 65 kinds of flavonoids. These together render it extremely beneficial anti inflammatory property that could help so many people nowadays. To add to this it also has antioxidant properties.

Some of the most beneficial health effects of oranges are as follows:


#1. Prevention of Stroke

Many different studies have shown that a regular consumption of oranges could help in massive reduction of the chances of ischemic stroke, which is very common among women nowadays. People which consume oranges on a regular basis have 19% less chance of being hit by a stroke.

#2. Controls Raging Blood Pressure

Oranges have a high content of potassium. The importance of these consuming high levels of potassium is almost as much as consuming low sodium diet for the ones suffering from fluctuating blood pressure. This is because potassium has the all important vasodilatation effect. So if you want to lower your blood pressure don’t just focus on low sodium diets but also keep in mind to consume high potassium oranges.

#3. Diabetes

Through various studies and researches it has been found that the blood glucose levels in the blood could be reduced with regular consumption of high fiber diets. This thus helps in the prevention and control of type 1 diabetes. In addition to this type 2 diabetics can also benefit from this fruit. This is because orange helps in improving the levels of lipids, blood sugar and the all important insulin levels.


#4. Skin Quality Improvement

The antioxidant properties of oranges can prove to be a beneficial home remedy in improvement of damaged skin. The skin may be damaged because of multiple reasons like excessive sun exposure, pollution. In addition to this oranges could prove to be beneficial in fighting other ailments too like wrinkles and in turn improve the skin texture. For this oranges should be eaten in their original form or could be applied directly to the skin. Collagen present in orange renders it its skin healing properties.

#5. Creates A Barrier Against Viral Infections

Many of the researches and studies have showed that oranges act as a natural home remedy and could help a lot in the prevention and protections against viral infections. This it does primarily because of polyphenols which is present in abundance in oranges.

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#6. Provides Ease From Constipation

Oranges are blessed with dietary fiber which helps in the stimulation of digestive juices which in turn could play a major role in providing relief from constipation.


#7. Reduction In Chances Of Liver Cancer

Mandarin Oranges could play a major role in the helping one any chance of liver cancer. This has been proved to be true by two studies conducted in Japan. The prime cause of this has been attributed to the Vitamin A compounds called carotenoids present in it.

#8. Helps In Good Vision

Carotenoids are present in high quantities in oranges and these when converted to vitamin A could help in making and in keeping the eyes healthy.

#9. Alkalizing Body

Before digestion oranges are acidic in nature, however post digestion its alkaline minerals could be of great help to the body.

#10. Helps Prevention Of Hair Loss

Oranges could play a major role in the reduction of hair loss. This it does primarily with the help of vitamin C which when helps in the production of collagen could help in keeping together the tissues of hair.

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