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10 Health Benefits of Loquat

10 Health Benefits of Loquat

The loquat is a little known fruit, that also happens to be pretty little in size. These little fruits are acidic, but also full of health benefits. These fruits are native to eastern Asian countries. These fruits are about the size and shape of an egg. They have a lemon-like yellowish orange skin on the outside too; however, they look more like peaches on the inside. Loquats are little fruits are sure to be able to help your health, so let’s see how!

#1. Low Calorie Snacks

While you may need to eat a few loquats to feel full, you won’t have to be full of calories. 100 grams of loquat fruit is less than 50 calories! This is a great way to snack without messing up your diet. Consider buying this fruit the next time that you go to the grocery store.

#2. High in Fiber

Loquat fruit contain a kind of fiber called “pectin.” This type of fiber is great for your body! It can help to keep your colon and other parts of your digestive system healthy. This can also work as a natural laxative, which can help to prevent constipation.

#3. High in Vitamin A

Vitamin A can do some wonderful things for your body, and it’s not hard to find it in a loquat fruit. 100 grams of this fruit has about half of your daily recommended value of vitamin A. Vitamin A can help to keep your skin healthy, produce healthy levels of mucus, and help to increase your body’s natural immunity levels!

#4. High in Minerals

People take supplements to get in all sorts of minerals in their body; they sometimes forget that there is a natural way to do this. The loquat fruit has many minerals already naturally inside of it. Some of these minerals are copper, manganese, potassium, and calcium. All of these minerals can help your body in many different ways.

#5. Promotes Younger-looking Skin

The loquat fruit is also full of healthy antioxidants. Antioxidants can do many good things for your body, and one of these things are making your skin look and feel healthier and younger. Eating the loquat fruit regularly can make your skin look and feel great!


#6. Maintain Blood Pressure Levels

The many minerals in loquat fruit have many benefits; one of these benefits are lowering and maintaining blood pressure levels. Potassium, one of the minerals in loquat fruit, can help to control sodium levels in your body, which in turn helps to manage your blood pressure levels. This can help to prevent many blood pressure related health problems, including heart attacks.

#7. Promotes Blood Production

Humans have blood that needs to flow through them and support their organs and other body parts. Sometimes people lose blood, so they need to regain it. Some of the minerals in the loquat fruit at great at supporting the minerals that create more blood. This is great for everyone! At the same time, it won’t cause blood clots!

#8. Protect Against Free Radicals

In case you don’t already know, free radicals are harmful particles that can touch the different parts of your eye and damage them. Some of the antioxidants in the loquat fruit can protect against these free radicals, which in turn helps to protect your eyes against all sorts of problems.

#9. Strengthen Teeth

Even though vitamin D is usually known for strengthening teeth and bones, vitamin A can do it as well. If you cannot have dairy, then you might want to consider adding more loquats and other vitamin A rich foods to help to strengthen your bones and teeth. This is especially important in developing children.

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#10. Don’t Eat the Seeds!

While most parts of the loquat food are healthy and beneficial, avoid eating the seeds. The seeds are nearly poisonous, causing anything from vomiting to death, depending on how many you eat. Avoid eating these seeds at all costs, and see a doctor right away if you do accidentally eat them.

The loquat fruit is obviously beneficial in many different ways, so don’t be afraid to try this strange fruit! Pick some up the next time you go grocery shopping and see how it can personally help you!

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