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10 Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

10 Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves best known as Murraya koenigii or Bergera koenigii are an amazing seasoning used a lot in Asia. The leaves are a gold mine when it comes to good health.

They are rich in nutrients necessary for proper functioning of the body. Below are a few health benefits of curry leaves.

#1. Fights Cancer

Curry leaves are natural home remedies that fight cancer. Phenols some of the constituents in the leaves deal with cancers like leukemia and prostate cancer. Carbazole alkaloids are also found in curry leaves and they are also cancer fighters. Patients suffering from cancer are advised to include the leaves in their diet especially in the early stages.

curry leaves

#2. Control Diabetes

Diabetes is all too common but curry leaves have anti-diabetic elements. The leaves are used to lower diabetes to manageable levels.

The anti-hyperglycemic properties of the leaves regulate glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes. Diabetic patients should take these leaves regularly to deal with symptoms of this condition.

#3. Reduces Cholesterol

Curry leaves eliminate bad cholesterol in the blood. Research has proven that the leaves have the ability to lower LDL in the blood. Cholesterol is a health hazard and it is more than necessary to deal with it.

#4. Prevents Infection

Infection is more common than not but Curry leaves are at our rescue. The leaves posses the rare ability to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Such kind of infections are a health risk and daily consumption of the leaves is the vaccine.

#5. Good For Liver Function

Curry leaves are good natural remedies for the liver. The liver is very important when it comes to digestion and normal functioning of the body. It should therefore be made immune to any kind of inflammation.

Tannins and carbazole are the components which prevent the liver from infection as they bring with them hepato-protective properties. The leaves shield the liver against diseases such as liver cirrhosis and hepatitis.

#6. Good Eyesight

The eyes are important and the curry leaves keep them functional. Vitamin A present in the leaves nourishes the eyes. The leaves facilitate good eyesight. Night blindness which is a common disease in children is prevented by vitamin A found in the leaves.

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#7. Relieves Stress

The antioxidant properties of the leaves are interesting for reducing stress.

Curry leaves have vitamin i.e A, B and C which relieves oxidative stress. These antioxidant properties promote good health and proper body functionality.

#8. Natural Laxative

Curry leaves provides gastrointestinal protection. The leaves are believed to have certain laxative effects to the gut. For intestinal relief, make some juice with the leaves and add to butter milk and take in the morning before any meal.

#9. Cures Diarrhea

Diarrhea is notorious especially with children and adults who frequent take out joints but curry leaves are a natural cure. The leaves treat diarrhea and provide immediate relief. The carbazole alkaloids found in the leaves stop diarrhea. The juice of curry leaves is recommended in such situations.

#10. Good Hair Growth

Hair growth is a valuable aspect in life which is promoted by curry leaves. The leaves give the roots of the hair untold strength. Massaging your hair with a paste of curry leaf powder mixed with oil can be particularly effective to promote hair growth. This also inhibits hair loss and graying of the hair.

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The benefits above can hardly cover all the untold goodies brought by curry leaves. It is an understatement to say that curry leaves are good for the body. The benefits that have been experienced by the consumers of these leaves are astounding. Try them.

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