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10 Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

10 Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd (Bitter melon) is a tender plant which contains natural plant compounds. Other names are African cucumber, Balsam apple etc. Bitter gourd is a tropical fruit full of minerals and vitamins. The fruit and seeds of this plant are used to make medicine.

It is a known fact that bitter gourd cures diabetes and controls blood sugar very effectively. This healthy vegetable has other beauty benefits too. Bitter gourd is an excellent source of B1, B2 and B3. The medicinal usage of bitter gourd is valued in India, Asia and many other countries. This following article suggests some useful health benefits of bitter gourd.

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#1. Weight Loss

Bitter gourd is good for digestion. It also has antioxidants which helps to speed your metabolic rate.

Bitter gourd is a vegetable with low calories which allows you to consume more quantity, because of this filling component. This vegetable has 80 to 85% of water, low carbohydrate and low calories, thus helps in reducing weight.

#2. Prevents Constipation

Bitter gourd has got lot of fiber. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. It cures stomach disorders by motivating gastric juices.

#3. Diabetes

Bitter gourd is a natural remedy that contains a hypoglycemic compound that brings down blood sugar and improves glucose tolerance. Seeds of the bitter gourd contain special plant insulin called POLY PEPTIDE which is same as insulin produced by the human pancreas and helps to reduce sugar level. It is rich in Vitamins K, A and C. Bitter melon is thus good for diabetes and is a substitute for insulin.


#4. Heart Disease

Bitter gourd is the healing solution for all heart problems. Bitter gourd is good for the heart in many ways as it reduces bad cholesterol. By burning unwanted fats it increases good cholesterol level (HDL).

#5. Improves Skin Texture

Bitter gourd helps to treat some of the skin diseases like eczema, skin rash. It has got blood purifying properties which improves the texture of skin. Bitter melon juice helps to cure skin disease fast and is known as blood purifying agent. It has got exceptional chemical which helps to remove wrinkles and makes skin soft. It also prevents aging.

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#6. Digestive System

Bitter gourd contains anthelmintic compounds which cures gastrointestinal problems and fights against toxic substances in stomach. It has got special enzymes which helps in digestion. They prevent indigestion, acidity and gas pains.

#7. Liver Disorder

There is a special enzyme in bitter melon which helps to stimulate liver disorder. The extract of bitter melon can be used to cure all kinds of liver problems.

#8. Prevents Cancer

Early stage of cancer can be prevented from antioxidants present in bitter gourd. It destroys free radicals which cause many types of cancer. Consuming this vegetable regularly helps to fight against cancer. Bitter gourd effects differentiate between healthy cells and cancerous cells and leave normal cells healthy. It prevents cancer cells from multiplying.

#9. Regulates Blood Pressure

This has got high Potassium which helps the blood vessels to ease and maintains blood pressure.

blood pressure

#10. Immune System

Bitter melon strengthens your immunity and helps to fight against other disease. Bitter gourd juice helps your immune system to become stronger and to fight against disease. It also prevents common cold, food allergies and yeast infection and many more.

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