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10 Health Benefits Of Apricot

10 Health Benefits Of Apricot

The beautiful and enticing yellowish orange small sized apricot fruit are sweet and tasty. Apart from that, this fruit is packed with nutritive value that is important to our health.

Apricot can be used to make juice and jam. They can also be eaten when they are ripe. Here are some of the health benefits of apricot fruit.

#1. No Constipation

Apricots are rich in fiber which means by eating this fruit chances of you experiencing constipation or bloating is minimal. The fiber found in apricot is amazing because it helps in the removal of the waste in the digestive tract and therefore easing bowel movement.


#2. Lowers Cholesterol

Another amazing thing about the fiber found in apricots is that it helps in lowering the level of bad or unhealthy cholesterol in the body. The fiber helps in increasing the level of healthy cholesterol and therefore reducing the rate of getting heart diseases or diseases related to unhealthy heart like stroke and hypertension.

#3. Good Eyesight

Apricots are good for the eyes. They help in avoiding cataracts or dry eyes. They also avoid progression of inherited eye disease and this fruits are important for the general health of our eyes. Like protecting the cells and from attack from diseases and other factors that the eyes are exposed to.


#4. Anemia

The discomfort associated with anemia like general fatigue, dizziness, weakness and getting tired easily from carrying out simple tasks can be draining to any individual. Apricot fruit whether in its dry form or freshly picked is rich in iron. Iron helps in the blood producing white blood cells which helps in carrying oxygen to organs in the body, the most important organ being the brain.

#5. Strong Bones

Everyone needs strong bones; young or old, male or female we need strong bones to be able to carry our weight around. Apricots has good amounts of potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, and phosphorous. These minerals help us develop strong healthy bones that cannot get a fracture easily.

#6. Prevents Cancer

The anti-oxidant found in apricot is necessary in stopping the spread of radical cancer cells. This anti-oxidants stop the growth of cancer tumor cells as well as create an unfavorable environment for the growth of this cells.

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#7. Helps The Brain

There are two important minerals that apricot has; these minerals are phosphorous and magnesium. The importance of the two mineral is that they help in boosting the working of the brain. The brain is like the communication hub of the body. If it is not working well there will be breakdown of communication between all the organs in the body.


#8. Nausea & Vomiting

In the first trimester of pregnancy, women suffer bouts of nausea, vomiting and indigestion. For some women this problem persists during the 9 months of pregnancy. By taking apricot juice, they can be able to suppress this occurrence. Because too much vomiting may lead to dehydration, apricot also contains the necessary nutrients needed by the pregnant woman and the fetus. It has minerals like iron, calcium as well as anti-oxidants and vitamins.

#9. Anti Aging

If you want to lead a long healthy life with very minimal threat from diseases and illnesses then apricot is what you need to be taking regularly. It contains vitamin A and this vitamin found in apricot is known to have anti-aging agents. It will help you to age gracefully, maintaining the good health of your skin.

#10. Thicker Hair

Our hair thins as we grown older. Environmental factors as well as hormonal imbalance contribute to hair loss and breakage. There is a home remedy to curb that and that is by consuming apricot. This fruit contains vitamin C and other nutrients which will boost hair growth as well as increasing its mass.

Apricot is a preventative, a curative and a healthy part of our diet. Most people are not exactly fond of the fruit but the health benefits are a reason to eat it. It is in your best interest to include it in your meals or have it a snack during the day. You can find it in your nearest grocery store.

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