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Vrishchik 2016 Rashifal Predictions

2016 Vrishchik Rashifal – General

Vrishchik Rashifal 2018

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The Vrischik Rashi has been through a lot the past few years and you are ready for that to be done! Well good news is things are looking up for the Scorpio personality this year. 2016 is the time for the Vrischika Rasi people to try new things and push themselves to get out more.


There will be some overlapping of your personal and professional lives. You will want to take care that this will not ruin either one (or both) for you. (Find out if your job is ruining your love life?)


The 2016 Vrishchik Rashiphal rightly says that you can sometimes be your own worst enemy so you have to be careful to get out of your own way in 2016. You have worked for many years and had many setbacks because of this so you need to overcome it! You will be looking over many things in your life this year and if they aren’t working for you, you will have to let them go. This can be scary but it is for the best. Read more in the Chinese 2016 horoscopes.

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2016 Vrischika Rashi Career Predictions

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The 2016 Bhavishya Rasi predictions for the Vrishchika Rashi predict that you want more freedom with your work or you want more recognition for a job well done. Well don’t we all? But lucky you Scorpion, you will see that this year! And if you don’t – well than maybe it is time to make a change of job or business. You have wanted to make changes and try something new and exciting. Now is the time!

The Scorpio zodiac sign will be stretched thin this year in 2016. Don’t let co-workers demand too much of your time. Be careful about taking on too much. You will finally get some well-deserved recognition and promotion for a job well done from your superiors.


The Vrischik Rashi will meet new people and connections in their field in 2016. You want to make sure to network this year so that you can grow and bring about more change. If you are in an artistic field then now is the time to showcase your works to the world. If you do so, you will have a good response.


Vrishchika Rasi 2016 Finance Horoscope

The Rashifal 2016 in English warns the Vrishchik Rasi to be cautious with their money and save. There will be some troubles to take care of financially, so only spend for what is necessary.

The good news is that all your hard work and saving will pay off. There will be many opportunities for you for 2016. You will end the year financially comfortable.

Love & Family 2016 Vrishchik Rasifal


January through February 2016, the Vrischika Rasi may meet someone. But it may be to just have some fun. April through May 2016 after the Mercury retrograde, you will become closer with family and friends.

There will be some tests for the Vrischik relationships in 2016. Those who survive the tests are your real friends and family. You will become closer with them than ever before. As for the rest it will be good for you to break free. You will also meet some new friends this year. Maybe you will even start dating one of them. Marital bliss and pregnancy in the family too is guaranteed this year for the Vrishchika Rasi. Read about Scorpio sexual traits.

There are many romantic opportunities for Scorpios this year if you just try them! Challenge yourself to try new things even if it is a new food or drink!

There may be some minor arguments with family in March 2016. In the fall of 2016 some things will go down. Somebody envies you and your good fortune. They will try to steal from you, although it may not be monetary items, they may simply want to steal your peace of mind. Don’t let them. Don’t run away from them or from your problems but also don’t deal with them alone. After you face them you will feel stronger than ever.

Vrishchika Rasi 2016 Forecasts For Health

The 2016 Vrischik Rashi horoscope forecasts that this will be a healthy year for Scorpio. The only risk you run is being over worked and over stressed so make sure to take some down time. Alternative healing with simple home remedies can give you immediate relief.

Some of you Vrishchika people have lost some weight – maybe due to illness. Many Scorpios will still be struggling with this in 2016. You may feel sad and depressed but try to take care of yourself. Things will get better. It has been a long and tough road the past few years but it will make you stronger and wiser. You have also learned how to take better care of yourself. This is always a good thing!

Although 2016 is a good year for the Vrishchik Rashi, don’t coast through it. This is a good time to set up for your future and you can be resting on your good decisions in years to come.

Keep a look out for the 2017 Vrishchik Rashifal.

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