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Understanding Arab Dating, Traditions And Norms

Arab Dating: What To Look For?

From Morocco to Oman, love is in the air. Welcome to the Arab world where hijab and thobe govern their culture. I am talking about mixed races here and Arabic culture in general. Privacy and hospitality at home and in public are crucial traits in this country. It’s mandatory to move from site to site extensively before traveling. Dating in Arab differs from the Western world. There’s a religion to follow and several customs. Read along and understand what you must do to cling to the one you are in love with when dating an Arab.

It’s All About Modesty

In the Western world, men and women aren’t allowed to hold hands or kiss in public. An Arab woman or a man isn’t allowed to do so. Even couples aren’t accepted to send any signals of affection. The family’s youngster can choose his/her partner and later make an upfront meeting with the parents.

Another thing, abstinence isn’t a thing of the past. A woman must value herself till when she is legally married. It is her security that shows how she has respected herself. Some Arab men will never marry an “unclean” woman. Note that it’s a religious community, and all traditions should be followed.

If a girl happens to have an intimate life with a man before marriage, she will be forced to get married. At this point, it doesn’t matter if she loves him or not. Also, it’s nearly impossible for them to marry out of their religion. Arabian culture allows them to stay intact with what they believe in.

Parent’s Perspective

Many parents worry more about their daughters, unlike their sons. They always permit the son to date and return in the wee hours. However, girls aren’t permitted to do so, which isn’t an exception in Arabs. Sources say it’s difficult for girls to keep up with their principles.

Arabic Parents only allow a relationship that could end up in marriage and not less than that. So playing along as a fiancé and later breaking up isn’t acceptable. It is not that they are against knowing the person and mutual commitments. Worry more when they start asking; how far is too far?

Marriage and Dating an Arab

Unlike before, things are now changing when dating and marriage were considered sacred. Even so, there are still those who oblige to their customs. Arabs believe in having a successful relationship and a wonderful life ahead. And that’s how it should be.

Youths are seriously encouraged to take dating as an introductory part of a relationship. Specific rules should be adhered to until the end. Both males and females shouldn’t meet discreetly. At first, the relationship should be pure and steadfast. Above all, practice patience and sincerity whenever you visit this country.

Arab Woman

  • A great deal of honor and praise rules this girl’s world. It is hard to change her perspective.
  • Dating her means that you are ready to comply with her traditional rules and customs
  • An Arab woman wishes to be listened to from deep within
  • Value her opinions and submission would be her ultimate goal
  • Her family comes first; earning respect from them is a sure way of winning her heart
  • Ask her father’s authorization before dating this Arab woman, and it doesn’t matter if she is middle age. Ignoring their proposal is the worst mistake ever.
  • Patience is something that upholds before marrying an Arab woman
  • The main focus here is to promise her family that she will be in good hands

Arab Man

  • Highly regarded as an overprotective soul. He guards what he owns, even if it means punching someone. (Western women note this)
  • He is a real gentleman, opening doors, purchasing flowers, and paying bills for her woman. Better take advantage of these single ladies, right? Just saying!
  • He’s an unprogressive soul. Meaning? Would want and wish her woman not to follow modernity. Dressing decently and not talking or looking for the opposite sex often.
  • Generally, most Arab Men aren’t aggressive and tell you upfront their aim. Worry less if he asks to take you out. Play along and see how it goes.
  • If he likes a woman, his body language will tell it all. Although he wasn’t taught to woo a girl, he perfectly knows what he wants in the end. Thus a decent and understanding girl with whom he can settle.
  • Coming up with a conversation is his cup of tea

What’s More?

To date, parents still hold a paramount role in regard to their children relationships. If the bride refuses the groom’s proposal, that’s the end. No more bribes or any other person’s opinion. In addition, singing marriage contracts, according to Arabian culture, is obligatory.

Arabian cultural rules, or more so religion, keeps them focused. Either way, life, and a person might opt to break the rules. It is up to them to either follow the designated laws or not. There are two sides to the coin. Some Arabs stay pure to their customs, and honor follows them in the community. Those opposing this lose track of what they are accustomed to from the beginning. It’s all about choices, and each person has his or her commitment.

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