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Top 8 Home Remedies For Jaundice

Jaundice – Causes & Symptoms

Jaundice is a problem that can affect both infants and adults. In both infants and adults, the skin and white of the eyes appear to be a yellowish color. There may be other symptoms like itching or fatigue.

It is not uncommon for babies to be born with jaundice, and in most cases it is not serious. Jaundice happens when a baby’s liver isn’t strong enough to filter everything yet.

This mainly occurs in premature babies, and some breastfed babies. Doctors will test to see if it is something serious or not. If it is not serious, you can try these natural remedies. If it is serious then doctors will take care of it.

In adults, jaundice is usually caused by something that the adult has done: too much drinking, being overweight, hepatitis, or other diseases.

Doctors will be able to tell you how serious your jaundice is. You will probably need some medical assistance if you want to heal, but you can also try some of these home remedies to aide in your healing of jaundice.


2 Home Remedies For Infant Jaundice

#1. Light Therapy

For some reason, light as a home remedy seems to help cure minor cases of infant jaundice. If your live in a sunny place, then you should have your baby sit or lay near a window for at least an hour a day. Try to span the hour throughout the day.

Perhaps hold your baby near a sunny window for fifteen minutes at a time, at least four times a day. If you live in a not-so-sunny climate, then you might want to try finding a very bright lamp to sit next to for the same amount of time.


#2. Regular Feeding

One way to prevent and cure jaundice faster is to make sure that your child eats enough. A newborn baby should eat about eight to twelve times a day, everyday. Try to keep the amount and how often they eat at least at a somewhat consistent level.

If your baby has jaundice, then the constant feeding should help to flush it out of his or her systems, and if your child doesn’t have jaundice, this will help to preventing it from washing out the cause before it becomes a problem.

6 Home Remedies For Jaundice In Adults

#1. Limit Alcohol

Taking in too much alcohol can help to cause jaundice. You should only drink alcohol in moderation in order to keep your body healthy. A healthy person should drink about a maximum of three drinks a day, but the specific number of drinks that are healthy for a person depends on their gender and size.

Ask your doctor how much alcohol is safe for you. Ideally, the best natural home remedy for jaundice is to not drink alcohol. If you drink more alcohol than you should, then you should try to wean yourself down to no alcohol or at least a reasonable level of it.

#2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being too overweight can lead to jaundice. You should try your best to stay in a healthy weight rage. The weight that is healthiest for you depends on your age and height.

You can find out where your weight is healthiest with the adult BMI calculator. You can use this scale to know whether or not you should gain or lose weight. Try your best to get in a healthy weight rage with a healthy diet and proper exercise routine.

#3. Tomato Juice

By drinking tomato juice mixed with salt and pepper every morning you can make sure that your liver is protected. Drinking tomato juice regularly is a great natural remedy that can help to protect your liver along with helping to cure it if there already is something wrong with it. If you are sensitive to acidic foods, then you may want to try something else.


#4. Lemon Juice

Drinking lemon juice can also help to protect your liver cells. You can mix lemon juice with water to drink at least once every day. If you are sensitive to acidic foods, then you may want to try something else.

#5. Oregano

Oregano is a great herb that can help to reduce the symptoms of jaundice. You can boil oregano in a cup of water to make a tea out of it, or you can add it to your meals. Drink the tea or add the herb into your meals at least once a day to reduce your jaundice symptoms.


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#6. Get Vaccinated

Okay, so you can’t really get vaccinated at home, but it really is a smart thing to do. While there aren’t vaccines for jaundice itself, you can get vaccine to some causes of it. You should get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B if you haven’t been already. This can help protect your from getting jaundice, along with other hepatitis-related problems.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help to cure your or your baby’s jaundice.

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