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Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2014

Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2014

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2014 will be an average year for the Chinese Tiger zodiac sign or so forecast the astrology predictions for the Year of the Green Wood Horse.

Without doubt the Tiger symbolizes power. In ancient times the immortals were often described as Tigers. In mythology there are legends of hunting Tigers overthrowing evil.


Chinese Tiger people are always willing to take on a challenge. They are quick minded and highly expressive. As a rule Tigers are faithful, brave and reliable. The Tiger gains the trust of others easily because he is so forthcoming. In their middle years Tigers may find both good and bad luck in their lives but they are likely to be very content. Female Tigers are virtuous, quick to catch on and very loyal.


Tiger zodiac people often put themselves first. When bored by working on long tasks they might be a little cranky. They think well. Rather than accepting authority they may very well thumb their nose at the one in charge. At times they may make impulsive decisions which may not result in the best outcome. It is possible for them to become disloyal. The Tiger may come across as somewhat arrogant which makes it difficult for them to persuade others to cooperate with them.

If the Tiger is lazy they will miss opportunities to demonstrate their skills Tiger people who work as teachers or educators may find a new employment in 2014. As the Tiger may be irritated by their home life, this may carry over into work and make them difficult for others to work with.

This is not the time to purchase land or make other new product investments.

The 2014 Chinese Tiger horoscope predicts that the Tiger people may have a small health issue involving their hair or nails.

In the 2014 Chinese Year of the Horse, any examinations you take will result in a good score. You will be allowed to continue working in this area.

2014 is not predicted to be the best time for your love life. Your expressions of affection may not be sufficiently clear and this may cause some stagnation in your love life. Tiger people will find the most compatible connections with those of the Chinese horse, dragon and dog signs.

But relations with the monkey, rat and snake will not work out. Horse year 2014 will generally not be terribly interesting for the Tiger as there is no excitement in either your passionate life or your working life.

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