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Chinese Sheep Horoscope 2014

Chinese Sheep Horoscope 2014

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Those born under the Chinese sheep sign unless they are students will find 2014 to be a relatively uneventful year. The one break in your work life is a possible promotion most likely late in the year. Those who are born in the Year of the Sheep and are students, will find great success this year. You may feel that balance between home and work is out of kilter this year.

Most people like the Chinese sheep zodiac people as they are peaceful and gentle. Sheep have always been beneficial to humans as you can obtain food from them and make leather and writing brushes. Sheep in general represent wealth coming into a household. This Chinese zodiac sign is known as the ram, goat or sheep.


Chinese zodiac Sheep people are warm, courteous, clever and usually good with children. While they may live quietly, they see beauty everywhere. If they have selected a faith: that is the faith they follow. Sheep people will be cautious in business dealings because they have to look at every possible option before they can make a decision. Women born under the sheep sign must keep their spirits high and take care of themselves while they care for everyone else. Most women of this group have a pleasant appearance.


Chinese Sheep animal sign people have a hard time making decisions, can be stressed and can be led fairly readily. Sheep are often religious. Sheep people rarely seek to be independent and enjoy being cared for. Where love is concerned they rarely speak. And you will find that some sheep people have interests that are not expected.

A Chinese horse person may be your main competitor in work during 2014. The 2014 Sheep horoscope predicts that an envious co-worker may try to take credit for a contact you have made. It is possible that the promotion you are expecting will come a little later than you hoped.

Your balance between life and work may not be good, because you must rush to complete a task. Do watch your health and be sure that you do not overdo.

Any educational endeavors will be favored during 2014 according to the 2014 Chinese goat predictions.

Review investment offers carefully as they may bring you wealth in the future.

Where love is concerned although it is difficult, it is necessary for the sheep to act. Romance forecast for 2014 predicts that you will be drawn to the Chinese horse, rabbit and pig people. Chinese rat, dog and ox people will not gain your attention this year.

2014 Chinese Year of the Green Horse provides great results for students. But other sheep will find the year relatively bland in terms of both work and love.

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