Thursday, October 6, 2022

She Is Violent: 5 Important Signs You Can See

5 Important Signs You Can See That She Is Violent

There are definite signs that will indicate that she is violent. A brief description of the symptoms is enumerated below.

1. She moves quickly

This is the kind of girl that wants to commit immediately. You are out on a date today; tomorrow, she is your girlfriend, and the next day, she moves in. You don’t know how she does it, but she can make you commit quickly to a relationship with her.

She becomes very possessive and always asks questions about your phone calls, friends, and who you hung out with. The jealousy begins on the first day of your date. She will ask you if you are looking at the waitress.

She also freaks out when you mention an ex or someone you used to date. If she moves quickly, then she is violent.

2. She makes unrealistic statements about love

This girl looks superstitious and keeps saying things like we are meant to be together. It is like she thinks that she owns you. She has this crazy thought that God brought you together, and nothing should come between you two. She keeps calling you her soulmate. Then she says that your soul talks to her directly.

She seems to be sure that nothing will ever separate you two. This happens just days after you start dating. You think it is normal to feel that way, but you still find her having unrealistic expectations. She expects you two to be together forever and not to separate, no matter what. If she makes ideological statements about love, then she is violent.

3. She is self-absorbed

This lady believes that everything on the face of the earth is about her. She tries to control the relationship where only her rules apply. She also thinks you do things deliberately to hurt her, asking whether you did something just to hurt her feelings. Mostly she is also jealous of your female friends and relatives.

She feels you spend more time with them than you do with her. She always wants you to agree with her in an argument, even when you do not agree with her. Then she feels like it is a betrayal when you disagree with her. If she is self-absorbed, then she is violent.

4. She blames you for everything

When you are arguing, she blames you for the arguments. She accuses you when you have fought, and she decides to break things in her apartment. She says, “See what you made me do.” Then she thinks that everything is your fault. She even blames you for making her fall in love with you.

She also thinks you are because of her sadness. She even says that you are emotionally abusive. And she never apologizes when she is on the wrong side. Also, she does not take responsibility for her actions. Instead, she chooses to put you at fault. If she blames you for everything, then she is violent.

5. She isolates you

This girl wants you all to herself. She disagrees with everyone in your circles and does not want you to speak to your friends. She prohibits you from hanging out with your friends. Her whole life is about you.

She has no life outside the relationship. She makes you quit your hobbies. Her main goal is to make sure you are home with her always. People around you keep warning you about her. They think she is too possessive and weird. You realize that she has transformed you into her life project.

She wants to change how you talk and walk and wants you to change your dress code. She wipes off the whole of your personality. If she isolates you, then she is violent.

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