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Scorpio Love Horoscope 2016

Yearly Scorpio Love Horoscope 2016

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Scorpio 2016 love horoscope predicts that influence of planet Saturn will be felt during 2016 in matters of love, marriage and social activities. If you are already in a relationship, it will be on trial.

Highly compatible relationships will become more powerful while fragile ones will fizzle out. In Scorpio friendships, you have to be selective in relying on your friends as you are not sure who is going to betray you.


Scorpio Love Forecasts 2016 For New Relationships


New Scorpio relationships in 2016 should be formed after careful scrutiny. You should allow love to grow naturally and become stronger gradually. You are in search of a soul mate who is stable and affectionate. You will not be in a hurry to jump into relationships. As love is more emotional than sensible, you should not be lost in the mathematics of love. Scorpio, you should allow romance to happen naturally with some amount of caution.

The Scorpio love astrology predictions for 2016 suggest that excellence will be the guide while forming love partnerships and social friendships due to the presence of Saturn in the 7th House. Number of relationships does not matter so long as your rigid expectations are met. Though your social activities will be lesser thanks to the Mercury retrograde of 2016, there will be more enjoyment in the few occasions you get to meet new people while on dates.

2016 scorpio love horoscope

2016 Scorpio Love Predictions For Present Relationships

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The love horoscope 2016 for the Scorpio zodiac sign also foretells that singles will find love in the neighborhood among senior and conservative people, but love is hampered by your search for quality.

Love is also affected by the changing moods of the Scorpio person. There will be divergence of opinion with the family members on your selection of the love partner. Months from July to October 2016 will be ideal for forming romantic relationships and they will be both exciting as well as turbulent.


2016 Marriage Predictions For The Scorpion

In 2016, home and family will be a safe haven for the Scorpions where you can hide in times of trouble. Children will be a source of happiness and you are not disturbed by their mischievousness. Relationship with children will be harmonious. Family environment will be delightful and you will be receptive to their points of view. There will be major changes on the home front.


Scorpio, you will be more devoted to your spouse in the months of January and February 2016 and there will be lot of vigor in the relationship. This is an excellent time to get pregnant.

In March 2016, life with your spouse will be highly romantic and obsessive. You will be free to take bold decisions on household duties and at the same time will be inflexible in your attitude in the month of April 2016. May 2016 will see that the Scorpio relationship with their life partner will become stronger and more committed.

Scorpio 2016 Sex Horoscope

The Scorpio sexual drive will be high during the months of February and March 2016. This will be directed towards pleasing your lover in bed.

Scorpio Love Compatibility 2016


The 2016 Scorpio love predictions also suggest that you should march ahead with your love life in June 2016 undeterred by previous relationships disturbing your present affections. By September normalcy in your relationships will be restored after overcoming the volatility during the earlier months. Read more in the 2016 Chinese horoscopes.

Love for the Scorpio will be sparkling in October 2016 after you are able to solve the mysteries of affection and relationships. In November, your dreams of relationships will come true. During December 2016, relationships will be disturbed by wrong communication and you should make efforts to keep them alive or be ready for a break up.


To conclude, the Scorpio love compatibility will succeed in 2016, provided you share excellent communication with your partner.

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