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Rudraksha Therapy

Rudraksha Therapy

For a long time now Rudraksha beads have been used for treatment in case of serious ailments. These have been used in case of both physical and mental ailments. It is believed that wearing Rudraksha beads helps a person in the treatment of some serious ailments like stress and anxiety, depressions, manic depression, sleeplessness and weight loss.

In addition to these mental ailments the Rudraksha beads have proved to be effective in the treatment of physical problems too. Some of these problems include skin disease, nerve disorders, certain eye problems and respiratory problems.

Many Rudraksha beads are often put together to form a mala. These Rudraksha mala are used for religious purposes in prayers. If a total of 108 beads are put in a Rudraksha mala then the mala thus formed is known as purnmala.

However if the total number of beads in a Rudraksha mala is 54 then the mala is called ardhamala. Due to the special spiritual features of Rudraksha beads it has the capability to elate the mind and soul of the person wearing the Rudraksha beads.

Thus one might say because of so many advantages of Rudraksha beads that it could change the life of a person for good. It is helpful in health related problems and in addition to that it offers spiritual peace too. This makes it highly important for the troubled individuals to know more about Rudraksha and then use it.


However it is immensely important to know about the appropriate beads for the problems. This is because in the hopes of getting good results if a person wears the wrong bead then the plan may backfire. If the wrong Rudraksha bead is worn then there may be negative ramifications.

This is where this free Rudraksh calculator becomes essential. It gives the information about the appropriate Rudraksha for a person. All one needs to do is enter his or her name. After the user has to select the parameter based on which the search needs to be done. These parameters are body part, ailment and Rudraksha type.

Based on these parameters the search is done. There are many kinds of Rudraksha like One Mukhi, Two Mukhi, and Three Mukhi and so on. The personalized Rudraksha report thus created after the search also contains rules and regulations for keeping Rudraksha.

Thus instead of going through the hassle of visiting expensive professionals one should just use this free Rudraksha therapy calculator and get to know about the appropriate Rudraksha. After all, the needful has to be done for the best results.

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