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Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2014

Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2014

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The Chinese Year of the Green Wood Horse 2014 is forecast to be a time of good fortune for the Rooster.

Being on time and being loyal are characteristics of those born under the Year of the Rooster. In the earlier times it was the rooster who crowed to welcome the new day, awakening most people. During the time of ancestor worship was practiced, the rooster represented the ancestors. It is also believed that the rooster can cleanse evil spirits. Also the rooster was seen to represent ancestors and the Chinese have great respect for ancestors.


Chinese zodiac Rooster people are honest, good communicators, generally warmhearted and bright. They also have the capability to think well. Many roosters are just a little vain and enjoy selecting the right clothing. They also tend to be independent. Rooster people are rarely messy, but they can be short tempered. They like to take the lead and the individuals who trail behind may be irritating to them. Rooster people enjoy being in charge yet they may find their followers annoying.


Rooster animal sign people may be mildly eccentric and do not always mix well with people. They may have short-lived periods of enthusiasm about a particular activity; they know they are always right. Both in terms of wealth and their emotions they may be seen to have highs and lows. According to Chinese astrology, rooster will tell anyone what they think but they do not listen to other people’s point of view. Their greatest successes come when they are most sincere and set aside that little twist of arrogance that is common to them.

2014 Rooster horoscope predicts that people of this animal sign will have good opportunities in the field of work. There may be several options available. It is quite possible that the location of your job will be changed so that you will need to move in this year.

Except for the possibility of a little tummy trouble thanks to eating badly, you will have good health throughout 2014 according to your health predictions.

In 2014 new opportunities may open for those who are studying overseas.

A casual, accidental meeting may bring you in to contact with the person you are meant to love. It is possible that there could be an additional person involved in this romance. This relationship could easily become more than a friendship. Where compatibility is concerned the best matches will be with the Chinese snake and Dragon. Ill-fated matches would occur with the Chinese dog and rooster.

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