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Chinese Rat Horoscope 2014

Chinese Rat Horoscope 2014

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The Chinese Year of the Horse is predicted to be hard to define for the Chinese Rat. The unexpected may happen, forecasts the 2014 Rat horoscope.


The Rat may not be our first choice of companion, but they are clever, and agile. Chinese Rat people work hard, are bright, and have wealth. As a rule Rat people are well liked, and their adaptability and tranquility makes them appealing. Female Rats are tidy and keep their surroundings clean. They may overindulge a little but they are very sweet. Other common traits are curiosity and thoughtfulness.


Chinese zodiac Rats may be less than stable; sometimes they are timid, and easily unfocused. They need to be more proficient and exercise competence and be reliable. They do not easily change their way of thinking, they are stubborn, and rarely make good leaders. The Rat may see greed as a good thing and this may make others see him as selfish. The Rat may be inclined to speculate in financial matters.

In 2014, the Rat will enjoy relationships and may make advances in love. It is likely that their romantic life will not be smooth this year. A successful love match may be found with a Chinese Monkey, Dragon and other Rat people. Matches with Chinese Sheep, Horse and Rabbit people will fail according to the 2014 Rat love horoscope.

Rat people will require courage to deal with happenings in life in 2014. It will be essential for them to be aware of events around them.

Rat 2014 career predictions forecast that you may decide that to obtain a better job you need to formalize your accreditation of a particular skill. Rat people may very well look at a career change in the course of 2014.

As 2014 there may be a problem with a transaction taking place with your bank. During July and August 2014 you may travel abroad for work. The Rat may face a health concern necessitating a review of life style habits during 2014. Also know more from about the coming year 2015 from the 2015 numerology horoscope.

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