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Rashifal 2015 Predictions

2015 Rashifal – Yearly Predictions

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Get your Rashifal 2015 right now on! So what exactly is a Rashifal? It is basically a yearly horoscope for the 12 moon signs based on Vedic astrology principles.

So what is the difference between the zodiac Horoscope and the Jyotish Rashifal? The Western astrology horoscope predictions are based on your sun sign whereas the Rashiphal depends on your moon sign. And there are more complex calculations that make these two predictions different from each other.

The Rashifal 2015 gives you an accurate analysis of the happenings of the coming year when it comes to love, career, relationships, money, finance, travel, health, family and travel.

Get your 2015 Rasifal predictions instantly and know how the 2015 Bhavishya Rasi forecasts can help you become successful in life.

Let’s take a look at how the 12 Rashis will fare in the coming year with the 2015 Rashiphal!

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Mesh Rashi 2015

mesha rashi 2015The Mesh Rashi 2015 predictions show that the planetary positions are beneficial for you this year. Investments made in business ventures will be profitable. 2015 Rashifal for Mesha Rashi foretells that the second half of 2015 will be auspicious for love and marriage. Health requires your attention from time to time. Family affairs will be harmonious during the first half of the year. Travel overseas is possible during the first half of 2015.

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Vrishabh Rashi 2015


vrishabh rashi 20152015 Vrishabha Rashi predictions show contradictory elements. While the aspect of Jupiter is highly beneficial, Saturn might create problems in all aspects life including finance, business and intellectual fields. Commitment and trust will play an important role in marriage compatibility. Vrishabha Rasifal 2015 for career points to success in new business ventures. A vacation with your spouse will do a lot of good to your relationship.

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Mithun Rashi 2015

mithun rashi 2015Mithun Rashi 2015 predictions foresee an extremely good year because of favorable planetary positions. If you want to change your job for better prospects, year 2015 will provide you good opportunities. Travel for fun and pleasure is on the cards. Singles looking for romantic alliances will have many opportunities. On the family front, health problems are a probability for parents of Mithuna Rashi natives. All nagging ailments will either be cured or the intensity will reduce considerably.

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Kark Rashi 2015

kark rashi 20152015 Kark Rashi horoscope for people born under the Cancer zodiac sign foretells of an excellent first half in certain matters. Religion and spirituality will be a priority for the Karka Rasi. Businessmen will see success in their ventures. Professionals can look forward to promotions in their jobs. Singles in committed relationships are likely to tie the knot during 2015. The Bhavishya Rasifal 2015 for Karka predicts that you have to suppress your ego and get along with people if you want to progress in your life.

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Simha Rashi 2015


simha rashi 20152015 Simha Rashi predictions show a challenging first half of the year due to unfavorable aspects of Jupiter and Saturn. But things will turn around. The Simha Rashiphal 2015 forecasts that finances will be delicate during the year. This year is auspicious for spiritual engagements and discourses. Love relationships will require patience, understanding and compromise to work out. Take care of your diet and exercise regime to maintain your well-being. It is imperative that you face the situations boldly.

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Kanya Rashi 2015

kanya rashi 20152015 Jyotish career astrology forecasts for the Kanya Rasi presents an excellent first half for both professionals and businessmen. Singles of the Virgo zodiac sign will get into relationships during the first half of 2015. Do not indulge in speculation and stock market trading. This will only result in losses. The financial predictions made by Kanya Rashiphal 2015 forecast that money will come easily. But expenses will increase disproportionately.

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Tula Rashi 2015

tula rashi 2015Tula Rashi 2015 predictions forecast a bitter sweet year, but overall it will turn out to be a good year. Health will be normally good according to the 2015 Tula Rashi astrology predictions. You might even find your right partner this year. 2015 Bhavishya Rashi for Tula Rashi natives predicts mixed signals in money and finance because of the position of Saturn. Professionals will make progress in career with promotions and increments. Work related travel too will yield good results.

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Vrishchik Rashi 2015


vrischika rashi 20152015 Vrishchik Rashi horoscope for people born in the Scorpio zodiac sign predicts that planetary aspects are favorable for most of the year. 2015 finance astrology predictions suggest a profitable year. Travel for work and business will be profitable for the Vrischika Rasi. Singles will have an enjoyable romantic life and they will be able to make new alliances. Keep a strict watch on your food and fitness routine to avoid serious complications.

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Dhanu Rashi 2015

Dhanu Rashi 2015 fdhanu rashi 2015orecasts a difficult first half of year 2015. Situation will see improvement gradually. Singles might have flings but nothing more. The Dhanus Rasifal 2015 for financial astrology predictions points to a challenging year. Strict control over diet and exercise is required. Change of location for professional purposes is likely. Vacations with loved ones can take your mind off negative things. During second half of the year, students will achieve academic excellence.

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Makar Rashi 2015

makar rashifal 20152015 Makar Rashi predictions for the Capricorn zodiac sign, point to unexpected good and bad happenings. The Makar Rashiphal 2015 foretells that financially you will be in a happy situation during the first half of 2015. People in committed relationships may think of marriage. All your ventures will be successful and will be profitable. Health problems might occur during the second half of the year for these natives.

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Kumbh Rashi 2015

kumbha rashi 2015 Kumbh Rashi 2015 forecasts show mixed results during the year 2015.The Kumbha Rashiphal 2015 also foresees that the second half will be beneficial for love affairs. Businessmen may be deceived by close relatives. Health of some family members will create anxiety during the first half of the year. Travel for further studies is on the cards in 2015. Do not think of getting into any serious affairs during the first half of the year.

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Meen Rashi 2015

meena rashi 2015Meen Rashi 2015 predictions show that the year will start auspiciously for you. The 2015 Meena Rashiphal warns that businessmen should refrain from venturing into new projects during the second half of 2015. Year 2015 is superb for single people of the Pisces zodiac sign in matters of love and relationships. Health requires your attention and diet should be controlled to avoid problems.

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Let the 2015 Rashifal warn you in advance about the coming year and prepare you for unforeseen circumstances. This will not only help you deal better with problems but also help you find the right solutions. Have a great 2015!

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